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SnowBear Snow Plow Accessories

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Caster Kit

  • Part #: 324-126


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Off Road Light Kit

  • Part #: 324-127
  • Enhance your plow's convenience and off-road safety with these SnowBear Accessories
  • Specially designed to work with your SnowBear Plow
  • Caster Kit:
  • Mounts to the bottom of your Snow Bear Snow Plow
  • Simplifies mounting, removal, and storage
  • Off-Road Light Kit:
  • High-output halogen bulbs
  • Provides extra visibility late at night or during heavy snowfall

If you're about to pick up a Snow Bear Snow Plow, or if you already have one on your truck, you can make your plowing experience even better with these accessories. If you find yourself plowing in dark, low-visibility situations or if you'd like to make the plow easier to dismount and store, you've come to the right place.

The Snow Bear Plow Caster Kit includes two sturdy wheels and all the hardware you need to mount them to the bottom of your plow. With these casters it'll be far easier to mount the plow to your truck, as well as remove it and roll it wherever you want to store it. The Off-Road Light Kit adds two high-output halogen lights above your plow, giving you excellent auxiliary lighting when you're tackling the snow between dusk and dawn.

Outfit your plow with these SnowBear Accessories and be ready for anything!

SnowBear Snow Plow Accessories Customer Reviews

This caster kit is a help, but it leaves a lot to be desired, especially for the cost. First of all, the caster brackets don't clear the bottom plow framework when pivoting in the down position. The caster plate mounting bolts end up interfering with the plow frame. I did not want to try to modify the bracket pivot and anchoring holes, so I ended up grinding off about half of the thickness of the caster plate bolt heads. The other problem is that the legs of the two stands really need casters on them also. The plow can not be easily rolled when these 2 legs are scraping across the ground. It can be dragged this way for short distances but the best way is to lift the tongue end completely up so that the weight is balanced over the 2 casters, then move/roll the plow while holding the tongue framework and balancing the weight as you go along. This means you will have to initially lift the 50 lbs or so of the tongue framework until you get it high enough over the casters. Also, the lack of casters on the legs makes it difficult to slide the plow into the front receiver hitch of the truck. When you push in that direction, the legs are angled against you, and they try to dig further into the ground making it much more difficult than it should be. The casters themselves are relatively small and tend to snag on any debris or cracks or holes in the blacktop. A larger caster would probably make transporting easier. The kit came with the proper clevis pins to secure the caster brackets in the up or down position, but the hitch pins to fit in the clevis pins were huge. I had to purchase the correct size pins. All in all, they are better than nothing, but there should have been more thought and better engineering into the design and function.

Install Time: 1-2 hours

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