Holiday shopping can be tough. Especially when you need fresh ideas every year for the same people. Luckily, if your loved ones are automotive enthusiasts, we’ve got you covered. There are tons of new and exciting products out there that any gearhead is sure to love. Here are our list of 2017's top fifty this holiday season!

Gifts for the Auto Enthusiast

Coverking Seat Covers

Coverking Seat Covers

The perfect way to spruce up an older vehicle, or protect the investment of a new toy, is a set of custom fitting seat covers from Coverking. Bring a sporty new look to your rad racer’s ride, or the elegant feel of genuine leather, velour, or leatherette. If hunting, fishing, or football are more in line with the recipient’s interests, camo, tactical, and NCAA covers will be the perfect fit. No matter which style you choose, these covers will be custom-crafted in the USA and come backed by a 1-Year Warranty.

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Signpast Vintage Signs

Signpast Vintage Signs

No garage or workshop is complete without some manly automotive decor. And there’s nothing that will look better in your loved one’s office or man-cave than some automotive influenced heavy-gauge steel signage. Authentically reproduced icons from the drag strip and interstate of yesteryear will bring an artistic and antique flair anywhere.

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Dashboard Magenetic Car Mount

Dashboard Magenetic Car Mount

Are you always holding your cell phone while trying to drive? Maybe you need a convenient place to put your phone that you can access quickly if need be. The dashboard magnetic car mount will hold any cell phone with its powerful magnetic core and metal plates.

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SuperVizor XT – Automobile Escape Tool

SuperVizor XT – Automobile Escape Tool

With driving conditions getting worse in winter, you never know when disaster may strike on the road. The SuperVizor XT Auto Escape Tool was designed by a New York City Paramedic to be kept within reach for when you need to make a quick exit.

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Fanmats NFL Carpet Floor Mats

Fanmats NFL Carpet Floor Mats

If you know someone who loves cars and football (and who doesn't?), you really can't go wrong with a set of Fanmats NFL Carpet Floor Mats. These thick and plush nylon carpet floor mats feature an officially licensed NFL logo of your or your loved one's favorite team!

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Pewag Glacier Cable Tire Chains

Pewag Glacier Cable Tire Chains

Losing traction when driving in snowy conditions can be dangerous. This Holiday season, give the gift of better peace of mind and increased traction with the Pewag Glacier Cable Tire Chains. Their sleek, low-profile design is excellent for mild snowstorm conditions.

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drop wipes

Drop Wipes

Drop Wipes are the #1 bird poop remover for cars. There are 10 ultra-soft, individually wrapped dual wipes in each pack. The all-natural, biodegradable wipes are made from a neutralizing acid, which destabilizes any stains or droppings for an easy clean. The wipes are a perfect stocking stuffer for the upcoming  holiday season and a staple for all car enthusiasts’ gloveboxes.

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Gifts For The One Who Has It All

PitStop Automotive Furniture

PitStop Automotive Furniture

If only we could spend all day behind the wheel with the petal to the metal, right? Unfortunately, responsibilities beckon, and many of us end up spending a few hours a day at a desk in front of a computer. The good news is, your loved one can still bring the feeling of high-performance racing to their job or home office with a set of automotive-inspired PitStop furniture.

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AceCam Car Dash Cam


Record the looping video of your driving to document incidents and protect yourself on the road from other drivers, lawsuits, overzealous police, and insurance companies with this 1080P High Definition Dash Camera from AceCam.

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Classic Accessories Winter Windshield Cover

Classic Accessories Winter Windshield Cover

One of the annoying parts of the winter is scraping ice off of your windshield morning after morning. But when you have the easy-to-use Classic Accessories Winter Windshield Cover, clearing your windshield and getting on with your day can be done in just seconds!

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Bring the spirit of the Holidays with you on the road. The LumiSign lets you swap out backlit inserts easily to celebrate different holidays of the year, or your favorite sport’s team, or even your favorite charity.

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Skip Barber Racing School

With such an emphasis on gifting ‘things’, we forget that ‘experiences’ can be incredible gifts as well. And what experience could be more incredible than a day at the tracks, racing like the pros in a true race car? This 1-day race school will pay out in a lifetime of memories.

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Lloyd Custom Floor Mats

If you're shopping for an automotive-loving loved one, chances are they like to keep their car in ship shape. Made-to-order floor mats from Lloyd will hug the curves and contours of your loved one’s make and model - and adding automotive logos or customizable text couldn’t be easier.

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Morgan 3 Wheeler

Your loved one will not only turn heads but drop jaws when they take to the streets in this Morgan Three-Wheel Motorcycle. Once they hit the starter button and hear these twin cylinders fire up, they’ll realize you gave them not just a vehicle, but a lifestyle. A leather-padded cockpit and aircraft instrumentation on the dash will make you feel like you’re not just driving, but flying. Two side-by-side seats make this the perfect vehicle for taking the scenic route.

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Automotive Apparel

Automotive Cufflinks

For the man who likes his attire to be as sharp as his vehicle, automotive cufflinks are the perfect accessory. With men’s clothing, it’s all about the accessories - and you know he won’t by any for himself. These sporty adornments will garner compliments all night long.

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Driving Shoes

We’re all familiar with running shoes and basketball shoes, but what some people don’t realize is there are also shoes that are specifically designed for driving and motorsports. A flexible leather construction with petal-gripping rubber grommet soles will be perfect for any roadster.

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Stringback Driving Gloves

From straight razor shaving to vinyl record collecting, plenty of people today are interested in doing things the old fashioned way. A staple of the ‘50s that fell out of favor in the ‘60s, driving gloves are coming back in a big way.

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Audi Pullovers & Sweaters

Everyone hated getting clothes as a kid, but as an adult there’s really nothing better. Prepare your loved one for the months of winter ahead with a stylish pullover or sweater that reps their love for their Audi with a high quality embroidered logo.

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Corsetti Cruisers Apparel

Corsetti Cruisers Apparel

There isn’t much cooler than an old Land Cruiser. Brian Corsetti, Emmy award winning TV host and motivational speaker, who also restores old Land Cruisers, is bringing back that cool cruiser style. Show you're a fan by picking up a Corsetti Cruisers T-Shirt.

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Shinola Rambler 600

When Craig Breedlove brought a land vehicle up to 400 MPH, he broke the world record. Still, that didn’t stop him from breaking 500 MPH just two days later. The following year he was the first to break 600 MPH and now Shinola honors this automotive icon with this gorgeous titanium watch, which includes a tachymetric scale and stopwatch.

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Ferrari Cavallino Rampante Shoulder Bag

The Ferrari logo itself has come to represent quality, innovation, and breakneck speeds. Gift your favorite race-enthusiast a fashion statement that shows off their need for speed with this elegant leather shoulder bag.

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Gifts for the DIYer

Griots Garage Orbital Buffer Kit

For many people, cleaning their car is a national pastime. Take your Car Wash Connoisseur from hobbyist to professional with the Orbital Buffer Kit from Griot’s Garage. When your loved one sees the professional-grade results they’ll attain in their own garage, they’ll wonder why anybody would ever pay for a detailing service when you could save money and have fun at home.

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Nothing beats soaking your car in suds while you soak up some sun - and with the MetroVac, drying it all off just got safer and easier. Toss the towels and shammies, now your loved one can dry their ride to a sparkling finish with pure and filtered air.

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Covercraft Weathershield HP Car Cover

Taking care of your car can be a full time job. If you’re shopping for someone who always keeps their vehicle clean and pristine, you just can’t beat the reliable indoor and outdoor protection of a custom-fitting Covercraft Weathershield HP Car Cover.

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SCT iTSX Wireless Programmer

If your loved one puts a lot of work underneath their hood and they don’t have a tuner yet, you can pretty well guarantee that they want one. With the SCT iTSX Wireless Programmer they’ll be able to install it easily, then monitor and control their engine’s vitals from a handy app!

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Rhino-Rack Rack System

Your friend may have a big vehicle, but with all of their weekend hobbies and camping trips, the thing still ends up packed to the brim. Free up some space for your friend when you send them the rugged, durable, and easily mountable Rhino-Rack Roof Rack.

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Everyone has the family member who loves to tinker with their vehicle. Maybe they’re into restoring classic cars. Get them the right gift this year. Preval allows consumers to take any paint, coating or lacquer and turn it into a spray, offering convenient and effective results for the professional and DIY user.

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Meyer Home Plow

You loved one - like many - might think that plowing snow is reserved for professionals with big utility vehicles. The truth is even light trucks like F-150s can clear the snow off of large driveways or small parking lots. Easy to install and remove on virtually any truck or SUV, the Meyer Home Plow will open up a new world of possibilities during inclement weather. And if your loved one is feeling generous, they can pretty easily become the hero of the block.

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Gifts for the Book Lover

Memoirs of a Hack Mechanic

For more than two decades Rob Siegel has been writing a column called “The Hack Mechanic” in the automotive magazine Roundel. In it he shares tips, tricks, and stories about buying, selling, and repairing used cars without breaking the bank. Fans of the column as well as the uninitiated will love this collected set with bonus material. Perfect for anyone who wants to get into car restoration, or that simply loves hearing about it.

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For the car nut that enjoys some thrills and chills with their eggnog, this classic fright about a classic car will hit all the bases. This story about a demented 1958 Plymouth Fury will have everything an auto aficionado could want in a horror tale.

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My Life & Work

For those who love fascinating life stories, no autobiography will be as riveting Henry Ford’s. One part autobiography and two parts business philosophy, this account is an engrossing look at the business practices of a man who changed the world.

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Art of the Muscle Car

We can thank the ‘60s in America for kicking off the grand tradition of the muscle car. The idea is simple: take a big engine, put it in a small car. This collection of photographs chronicles the rise of this American tradition, and is sure to put a smile on any gearhead’s face.

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Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future

Thomas Edison, Da Vinci. Will Elon Musk’s name stand in history among these inventors and innovators? Only time will tell, but it’s safe to say that Mr. Musk has lived an extraordinary life so far.

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History's Greatest Automotive Mysteries, Myths, and Rumors Revealed

They say that James Dean’s car parts were auctioned off, and went on to curse all of the subsequent owners. Is that true? You’ll have to read this one to find out!

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Car: The Definitive Visual History of the Automobile

From the very first sketches and prototypes, to the vehicles on the highway today, this coffee table companion will detail not only the history of famous automobiles, but the cultural landscape that acted as a backdrop for each make and model. Once you pick this one up, it’s hard to put down.

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Toys for Your Tyke

Mille Bornes: The Classic Racing Game

The French sensation from the fifties never made quite as big a splash in the states, but just one round of this card game will show you that it is fabulous fun for the old and young. Translated to “Milestones” in English, this game will give the whole family the excitement of a high-speed cross-country auto race, without ever leaving the kitchen table.

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Grand Prix

Accommodating anywhere from two to eleven players, Grand Prix is the perfect game for big families that loves board games. This board game will be anything but boring as you and your team work to maneuver your racer across the checkered finish line.

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Theo Klein Interactive Service Car Station

This playset features the entire front end of a vehicle - complete with an engine that’s ripe for tinkering. Check the oil dipstick, turn on the headlights, your little one can even rotate the tires. There are 15 functions in all sure to keep any little mechanic busy.

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Hot Wheels Super Score Speedway Track

Does it get any better than Hot Wheels when you’re a kid? All you have to do is take one look at a little one with a handful of hotrods to know that it does not. Give them the joy of watching their die-cast cars do some insane loops and wicked jumps!

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KidKraft Wash n Go Wooden Car Garage

This four level garage will hold the little one’s attention for hours. Four vehicles, a helicopter, and four people are plenty of tools to explore the gas pumps, car wash, and more. The durable composite construction is decorated in bright colors and lacquer finish.

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Hauck Lightning Pedal Go Kart

When you gift your kid with a Hauck Lightning Pedal Go Kart, it’s no contest: they’re the coolest kid on the block. With a comfortably crafted seat and backrest, coupled with the incredibly responsive turning, this kart will be perfect for kids four and up.

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Power Wheels Ford F-150

What could be more fun for a kid than Power Wheels? A working ‘gas’ pedal, Power Lock Brake System, side view mirrors - who cares that it tops out at 3.5 MPH? That 3.5 MPH feels like a good 35 when you’re six years old and sitting behind the wheel of your very own Ford F-15. Just don’t try to tow anything too heavy with it - the horsepower is somewhere between 0 and 0.01.

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Gifts for the Gamer

F1 2017

F1 2017

As the official video game of the 2017 FIA Formula 1 World Championship, F1 2017 was destined to get a lot of things right. This game boasts the most complete F1 experience to date. Any Formula One fan is sure to log plenty of hours on this one.

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DriveClub Starter Bundle

Bring your loved one from zero to sixty with their gear and their gaming experience when you set them up with the DriveClub Starter Bundle. This set has it all - a VR headset, processor unit, headphones, camera, two PlayStation Move motion controllers, and all of the necessary cables. It also includes, of course, the game itself which will have players compete online in various races with other players worldwide.

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Gran Turismo Sport

Gran Turismo Sport

Featuring the world's first ever online championships certified by the FIA (Federation International Automobile), Gran Turismo Sport allows players to represent and compete for your home country or favorite car manufacturer through two sanctioned championship competitions.

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Project CARS 2

Project CARS 2

With over 200 cars (including banned racecars!) and 200 different race tracks, Project CARS has enough content to keep any car and video game fan wrapped up. A true simulator, this game gives car racing the Sim City treatment - the results are just as fun and addictive.

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Need for Speed Payback

Need for Speed Payback

The 23rd addition to the series, 2017’s Need for Speed Payback has an impressive pedigree. If you know a car racing game is the goal, but you can’t decide which one, this open-world adventure racing game is probably a pretty safe bet.

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Assetto Corsa

A sim racing game out of Italy, Assetto Corsa puts a focus on modifications and customization. Meaning, if your loved one loves video games, car racing, and tinkering with variables, this is the game that will have them in hog heaven.

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Forza Horizon 3

An open world racing game set in Australia, Forza Horizon 3 allows players to traverse the wild outback, beaches, valleys, and bays. This game is sure to please your loved one this holiday season, although it might have them saying “G’day, mate” next time you see them.

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Forza Motorsport 7

Forza Motorsport 7

With an ability to collect and race over 700 cars, Forza Motorsport 7 is the ultimate car collectathon video game. With a renewed focus on delivering realism through an improved driving atmosphere, it is the best installment in the series since the highly lauded Forza Motorsport 4.

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