Top 100 Best Car & Auto Blogs of 2020

Being a gearhead is a way of life. When you’ve got gasoline in your veins, an engine in your heart, and the latest new models on your mind – you can’t just turn it off. Unfortunately, the latest automotive news doesn’t always get the front-page treatment from a lot of news sources. Thankfully, we have the internet and you can make it your mission to stay up to date with industry news, best practices for automotive upkeep, buying guides and more. But where to start? Take a look at this list of our 100 Favorite Automotive Blogs.

News and Reviews


autoblogNews and reviews is the name of the game at AutoBlog. This site aims to give you everything you need to know before you take the dive into a new vehicle. Here you can compare cars, calculate monthly payments, and learn about performance and satisfaction levels of a particular vehicle from a source you can trust. 3 Articles We Like:2020 Subaru Legacy spied with significantly revised styling
2019 Acura MDX refresh brings some sharp enhancements
Georgia sheriff buys Dodge Charger Hellcat, and the feds want a refund

The Car Connection

the car connectionThe Car Connection is updated with news and updates on the automotive world pretty much every single day. News about car shows, concept cars, and the latest info on new models not yet on the market can be found hear at The Car Connection. You’ll also find news, reviews, and more. 3 Articles We Like: Mazda adds Apple CarPlay, Android Auto capability to global, but not US models
2019 Honda Pilot: more safety features for $32,445
5 things I learned from the 2018 Honda CR-V, America’s favorite crossover

Motor Trend

motortrendMotor Trend is one of the most recognized names in automotive magazines. Providing news and reviews in print since 1949, Motor Trend also has an impressive digital presence where you can find high-quality articles, videos, and of course get the first look at Motor Trend’s prestigious awards. You’ll also find the Motor Trend Buyer’s Guide for when you’re in the market for new wheels.3 Articles We Like: 2017 Mazda CX-9 Touring AWD Long-Term Update 5: How the Interior is Holding Up
Watch: 7 Reasons Why the Chevy Colorado ZR2 Beats The Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro
2020 Ford Bronco: What to Expect From Ford’s Reborn Off-Roader

Car Talk

car talkThe Car Talk blog features posts and articles that are as informative and entertaining as you would expect from the team behind the Car Talk radio show and podcast. The blog links to the larger site where you can listen to podcast archives and more, offering hours upon house of entertainment. 3 Articles We Like:
10 Bad Ideas From the JC Whitney Catalog
Today: Does Fix-A-Flat Really Work?
How to Paint a Car With a Bucket of Rust-Oleum and a Roller

The CarGurus Blog

car gurus blogEverything from vintage and classic cars to the latest in industry news can be found on the Car Gurus blog. This crew keeps the coverage up to date, accurate, and informative which is why Car Gurus is a daily stop for so many automotive nuts on the net. 3 Articles We Like: Costco Auto Buying Program: Scam or Good Deal?
What Happens When a Buyer Never Registers a Car You Sold?
5 Things to Know About Buy Here, Pay Here Dealers


topspeedWith all the information on TopSpeed, you’ll really be gaining knowledge at top speed! Posts on this blog are grouped into easily searchable topics which will allow you to sort by make and model, get the latest details on regional car shows and more. There is even content on bicycles to be found on Top Speed if you so desire. 3 Articles We Like: Topspeed's Top 10 Drift Cars
2019 Ford Focus RS
The Top Muscle Cars of the 60s and 70s

The Truth About Cars

truth about carsUnbiased auto reviews and industry news can be found on The Truth About Cars, as well as editorials and opinion pieces. Plus, you can find tips and best practices on every subject from finding aftermarket parts to selling and old vehicle on eBay. Plus, the ongoing listings of junk yard finds are worth the visit alone. 3 Articles We Like: Should You Sell Your Car At Carmax?
How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Car?
Never Buy a Car Alarm From a Dealership


egmcartechegmCarTech has been educating visitors with its blog for more than ten years now. This site covers the latest news from the political side of the automotive industry and is quick to report on the newest vehicles making their way to the market. You’ll also see live broadcasting from car shows nationwide. 3 Articles We Like: Spy Shots: The 2017 Honda Ridgeline gets spied for the first time
Ford drops the ‘SFE’ badging on the Ford F-150 SFE models
Randomly Spotted: The BMW 524td, not your ordinary 1980s BMW 5-Series


MotorwardVideos, guides, high-res photos, and even spy photos can be found on Motorward on a daily basis. DIY guide, biographies, and interviews are just a few of the features Motorward has to offer, and when you see the high-quality of reporting they put into their blog, it’ll be no surprise this is one of the most visited automotive sites out there. 3 Articles We Like: How to Wash Gasoline Smell Off Your Hands
Corvette C5 vs C6
Range Rover Sport Looks Sublime on 24s


automoblogThe writers behind Automoblog really have a passion for what they do, and it shows up in the quality of their work. The latest news, videos, and editorials are posted here weekly, making it no surprise they’ve found such a devoted fanbase. This site also keeps eyes peeled towards the future, giving you sneak peeks of what the future of driving may hold. 3 Articles We Like: Coupe VS. Sedan: What’s The Difference?
How to Buy Right-Hand-Drive Cars In The USA
10 Biggest GM Engines Ever Made (INFOGRAPHIC)

The Torque Report

torque reportGrab a knife and fork and dig into the Torque Report! See reviews from the experts on the latest and greatest major model releases and keep an eye trained towards the future with reports on green vehicles, electric and driverless cars, as well as prototypes and more. 3 Articles We Like: 2018 Volkswagen GTI Review: Still the benchmark
2018 Honda Accord Sport 2.0T Review: A fun midsize sedan
2020 Ford Focus Active will rival the Subaru Crosstrek


automotorblogFor automotive and motorcycle news, Automotorblog has both fronts covered. Automotorblog updates their site minute-by-minute, so it’s likely to be the first place you’ll hear breaking car and motorcycle news. This blog also covers auto shows, new vehicle models, trends and upsets in the automotive industry and more. 3 Articles We Like: Lamborghini Sinistro
How good are used cars?
Fourth Lamborghini Model to be Launched Between 2025 and 2030

Be Car Chic

be car chicBeing “car chic” is easy when you have Be Car Chic at your disposal. This multi-faceted blog was founded by Melanie Batenchuk almost a decade ago, and since then it has served to educate and empower women to take initiative in vehicle maintenance and mechanical know-how. For women who like to drive, this blog is a must. 3 Articles We Like: Who will sell the first affordable hybrid convertible?
Don’t Buy a Car on a Rainy Day
How NOT to De-ice Your Windshield

The Exotic Car List Blog

your mechanic blogThe Exotic Car List Blog can whisk you away to the most exotic vehicles from all over the world, all from the comfort of your computer chair. Here you can learn interesting facts and trivia about dream cars and super cars, and also stay up to date on the latest news from the automotive industry. 3 Articles We Like: Top 5 American Supercars
The Best Sports Cars Under $100,000
Top 10 Rarest Cars in the World

Zero to 60 Times Car Blog

zero to 60 car blogWhile there are a number of automotive blogs that cater specifically to women, Zero to 60 Times is not one of them. In fact, this blog even ranks the best cars for attracting women. You can also sort Zero to 60 Times by make and model, to see content that relates specifically to your interests. 3 Articles We Like: Top 10 Classic American Muscle Cars
Fastest Cars 0-60 Times
List of Classic American Muscle Cars


motorlogyYou’ve heard of biology and psychology, but what about Motorology? Motorology keeps their site updated minute-by-minute, giving you the best advice and latest news available for all things car and motorcycle. You’ll also find fun games to play on a road trip, safety and cleaning tips, and much, much more. 3 Articles We Like: Top 5 Vehicles You Need to Feel Like a Baller
20 Crazy Concept Car Designs
5 Essential Tips to Pass the CDL Knowledge Test

The Garage Blog

the garage blogEverything from pro racing to rally and motorsport competitions can be found on The Garage. This gearhead-friendly blog has got everything you’re looking for in the world of automotive news and reviews. You can also hop on over to the sister site, The Garage Guy, and learn about the webmaster’s barbecue expertise. 3 Articles We Like: The ‘Columbo’ Peugeot
Forgotten Sporty Cars Part II: Nissan Pulsar
He didn’t have a clue what he had


autotributePaying tribute to cars with fun facts and interesting information, AutoTribute is a blog worth bookmarking. With a keen eye on hybrid, hydrogen, and other green and electric cars, AutoTribute is always up to date on emerging technology and the future of the automotive world. 3 Articles We Like: Does the New Ford Fusion (Mondeo) Look Like an Aston Martin? Side by Side Comparison
Ford Taurus Police Car
Chevy Tahoe, Suburban Get Blacked-Out ‘Midnight Edition’


carfanaticsNews, reviews, videos, and auto shows, Carfanatics has everything a car fanatic could ask for. With the latest car talk from all over the world being published here, you can also talk cars on the popular forum. Plus, this site is the first place that many people will see videos and images of the newest major models. 3 Articles We Like: Best Cars Under 2K
Meet The New Cars Of Transformers: The Last Knight
2017 Chevrolet Volt Premier


leithcarsThe Leith family has been in the business of buying and selling cars for more than half a century. The know-how and expertise you’ll find on is a testament to that fact. This blog is divided into several categories for easy navigation. You’ll also find new car reviews, news, and videos. 3 Articles We Like: Why Was the Nissan Skyline Illegal in the United States?
Five Epic Original Top Gear Episodes You Must Watch
Front vs Mid vs Rear Engines – Which Is best?

Ultimate Car Blog

ultimate car blogThe user base on The Ultimate Car Blog numbers in the millions, and with just one visit you’ll see why. This blog has everything, information on test drives, videos, and even the latest tech specs on unreleased models. This blog is updated daily, so it’s a great place to go if you want to stay on top of the industry trends. 3 Articles We Like: Australia: 2019 Kia Optima Gets Minor Updates, Costs Less than Previous Model
5 Most Stylish Cars for Young Professional Men
2018 Nissan Kicks with Color Studio Package

Speed Hunters

speedhuntersThe writers involved in Speed Hunters hang their hats all over the world. The goal of this blog is to show readers the culture that surrounds car lovers all over the globe. This is a great place to see a unique perspective and interesting coverage of car lovers in other countries and your own. 3 Articles We Like: Trust Future Proofs The R34 GT-R
The 3.5L 240Z You Didn’t See Coming
The Intent & Purpose Of A Rocket Bunny MX-5


carscoopsFor the latest scoops in the car world, look no further than Carscoops. This blog features news about all current and yet-to-be-released models. Carscoops also shares informative and off-beat stories from a wide variety of contributors. These colorful commentators keep Carscoops fresh and always restocked with new and interesting content. 3 Articles We Like: 2019 Ford Ranger Spotted Doing Last Minute Tests Ahead Of Next Year’s Launch
Six-Speed BMW E46 M3 Is For The Driving Enthusiast
Check Out 50 GTA V Cars And Their Real Life Counterparts


motor1Concept cars, classic cars, car shows, and even spy shots of never-before-seen cars, you can find it all on Motor1. Motor one has photos, videos, and a number of recurring articles that are updated every month. In short, there’s never a dull moment at Motor1. This blog will really rev your engine. 3 Articles We Like: 10 Most Fuel-Efficient Non-Hybrid/Electric Cars For 2018
10 Most Fuel-Efficient (Non-Hybrid) SUVs
10 Most Fuel-Efficient Crossovers And SUVs Of 2018

The Supercar Blog

supercar blogWhile the name of the blog is SuperCar, you can find more than just info on super cars at The Supercar Blog. This site also includes scoops on exotic cars, celebrity cars, and more. Plus there’s news about the current state of the auto industry and even high-quality videos to watch. 3 Articles We Like: One-off Mercedes-Benz S600 Royale Spotted in Los Angeles
Salomondrin’s Pagani Huayra Sold to David Lee
How Much Does a Ferrari 458 Engine Cost?

Motor Authority

motor authorityYou won’t find anything but luxury vehicles on Motor Authority, but you will find them in all of their glory here. Spy shots, photos, videos, and even industry news, Motor Authority covers luxury cars like nobody else on the web. You’ll also find in depth reviews of first impressions upon driving new cars. 3 Articles We Like: New Toyota Supra will offer 4-cylinder engine, 2JZ swap capability
Meet The Cars Of The Need For Speed Movie: Video
The story of the other long-lost "Bullitt" Mustang


rallywaysRallyways is a great blog for all types of automotive enthusiasts. Whether you like to drive sleek sports cars, big ol’ honkin’ trucks, or simple dependable commuters, you’ll find content that speaks to you on Reallyway. Like the slogan says, there are a million ways to drive. There are also a million reasons to read Rallyways. 3 Articles We Like: Exhaust System Advice – Beware Straight Pipes and DIY Exhaust Systems
Proper Engine Bay Cleaning with Engine Degreaser
The Best Way To Clean Car Windows Without Leaving Streaks Journal is all about classic cars unsurprisingly enough. If you want to finally purchase that classic dream car or simply wander about like a kid in a candy shop, Classic Cars is the website you want. This site has all the classic cars and tips for how you can get one of your very own. 3 Articles We Like: Fast rarity 2002 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am Firehawk convertible
‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’ Ferrari on the block at Mecum Monterey
Car that won 100th Indy 500 offered at Mecum’s Monterey sale


autoextremistBilled as the bare-knuckled, unvarnished, high-octane truth, The AutoExtremist is a blog for those who are extreme in their love of automobiles. The blog’s founder, Peter DeLorenzo has been fascinated with cars since birth, and after spending decades in the auto marketing industry, he decided to share some of his thoughts with the world. 3 Articles We Like: The Glory Days, Part I.
On The Table
Brand Spanking

Automobile Magazine

Automobile Magazine always offers a fantastic take on the world of car, trucks, and SUVs, and the culture and design elements that surround them. Not only that, this site will also offer fresh and entertaining perspectives on the auto industry and the people that inhabit it. 3 Articles We Like: Quick Take: 2018 Honda Accord 2.0T Touring
Audi vs. BMW vs. Mercedes-Benz in the Modern Era
755-Horsepower 2019 Chevy Corvette ZR1 is the Fastest, Most Powerful Vette Ever

Automotive News

automotive newsFor straight-forward news and award-winning journalism regarding the car world, Automotive News is the place to be. Though they abbreviate their URL to simply Auto News, you won’t find anything abbreviated within the pages of Automotive News. This full and complete look at the industry will give you everything you need to be totally up to date. 3 Articles We Like: Toyota to scrap Scion brand, keep the cars
Ford gets the PowerShift dual clutch transmission right, but is it too late?
How to fix Tesla's woes: Reach out to Detroit


bangshiftFor straight-forward news and award-winning journalism regarding the car world, Automotive News is the place to be. Though they abbreviate their URL to simply Auto News, you won’t find anything abbreviated within the pages of Automotive News. This full and complete look at the industry will give you everything you need to be totally up to date. 3 Articles We Like: Craigslist Find: It’s Just An Early-Eighties Dodge M4S That Someone Swapped A Pontiac Motor Into…
Remembering GMC Crackerbox Trucks – Stubby, Square, and Tough!
See How You Can Make Your Own DIY Sheet Metal Brake At Home. This One Is Super Cool.

Detroit Bureau

detroit bureauThey call Detroit the Motor City, and they call The Detroit Bureau the voice od the automotive world. You’ll see why after spending a few minutes here. They’ve got all the latest news and an easy-to-use archive feature that allows you to dig back into the annals of car history. 3 Articles We Like: With Q2 Earnings » Is Your Car Up for a Buyback?
Toyota Killing Off Venza – but New Midsize CUV Likely to Follow
First Drive: 2018 Chevrolet Colorado Redline


sub5zeroThe auto news on Sub5Zero has a very specific angle, they’re interested in cars that really zoom. Speed is the name of the game on Sub5Zero, and you’ll be reading up on cars and motorcycles just as fast as these wild motors can go. 3 Articles We Like: Ultimate Tuning Guide: Nissan 370Z
UPDATED: The Top 15 Cars for Street Racing
Top 10 Special Edition Pickup Trucks of All Time

Autofluence: DuPont Registry Blog

autofluence dupont registryWith a plethora of segments and features, the blog at duPont Registry is a great way to stay up to date on concept cars, automotive news, and car shows in your area. Focusing on exotic cars and supercars, this blog allows you to sort by make to go straight to the news you’re most interested in. 3 Articles We Like: How to Do the $21k Bugatti Veyron Oil Change
2018 Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta Specs, Price, Photos, & Review
Top 10 American Supercars

Subcompact Culture

subcompact cultureSome people have big love for small cars. For these people, Subcompact Culture is the blog of their dreams. This site keeps readers up to date on all the latest trends regarding micro cars, compacts, and of course, subcompacts. Though the cars are small, the amount of regularly updated content on this blog is huge! 3 Articles We Like: The Venerable Toyota 1NZ-FE: Old. Reliable. Tunable?
Widened Steelies: Yay or Nay?
Review: 2016 Volkswagen Golf R ... In The Snow

Off the Throttle

off the throttleOff the Throttle has everything you want in a car blog, from the latest in industry news, to the random thoughts of creator and editor Scott Huntington. You’ll also find tons of interesting articles that will explain the ins and outs of a variety of topics you never even knew you desperately wanted to know. 3 Articles We Like: How to Get a Matte Finish on Your Car
Ranking the Best Boxy Cars
14 Inexpensive Ways to Customize Your Car

Fiat 500 USA

Fiat 500 USAIf Fiat is your automaker of choice, Fiat 500 USA is an absolute must for you to visit. This blog will keep you up to date with all things Fiat from the latest news to the most trusted reviews. You’ll also get the inside scoop on Fiat sales if you’re ever in the market.3 Articles We Like: Fiat 500 Stuck Ignition Key Fix
How The Fiat 500 Handles Snow
What are the differences between the Pop, Sport and Lounge versions of the Fiat 500?

Buying Research

Kelley Blue Book

kelley blue book No doubt you’ve heard the name but did you know that Kelley Blue Book has been digitized? Known as the go-to guide for anyone buying or selling a car, the Kelley Blue Book is a trusted source of information for consumers and dealerships alike. Their website and blog will tell you everything you need to know about the value of your vehicle, or one you’d like to buy. 3 Articles We Like: 2019 Maserati Levante First Review
2019 Acura MDX Upgraded
When’s the best time to buy a new car?

Car and Driver

car and driverNo doubt you’ve heard of Car and Driver, but did you also know they had an online blog you could peruse at your leisure? Known for having the latest industry news and reviews, Car and Driver also offers information about road tests, drive tests, crash safety tests, car comparisons, and more. 3 Articles We Like: 2018 Kia Stinger
Truckin’: Every Full-Size Pickup Truck Ranked from Worst to Best
Practicality Matters: Every Compact Crossover SUV Ranked from Worst to Best

True Car Blog

truecarAs any industry insider will tell you, True Car Inc. is a trustworthy source in the value of any given car. On this site, you can easily see the prices others paid for a particular vehicle, and you can report the price you walked off the lot with. The shopping guides found on True Car Inc. rival anything else on the net. 3 Articles We Like: To Lease or Not to Lease
Five Facts of Using Premium vs. Regular Gas
Tips New, Certified Pre-Owned or Used Car?

Left Lane News

left lane newsJust like the left lane of the highway is the fast lane, it’s hard to find news and details about the automotive industry any faster than on The LeftLane. This blog often offers views and insights on yet-to-be-released vehicles, so regular readers always know what’s on the horizon from the biggest manufactures. before it ever hits the market. 3 Articles We Like: The Beast: 10 Things to Know About the President's Limo
2018 BMW i8
2018 Koenigsegg Agera R


edmundsOne of the most recognizable names in the industry, Edmunds offers some of the most thorough model-by-model comparisons available online. Buying guides as well as advice on leasing can be found here as well as what to expect when it comes to pricing and much more. You can buy a car without checking Edmunds, but it isn’t advisable. 3 Articles We Like: Which Vehicle History Report is Right for You?
Do You Need an All-Wheel-Drive or Four-Wheel-Drive?
Best Pickup Trucks

Car Throttle

car throttleWith a global reach, Car Throttle is seen from automotive aficionados worldwide. Trivia, videos, and news can be found on this site as well as some of the most reliable pricing figures around. Car Throttle also features one of the most popular car forums in existence with over six million registered members. 3 Articles We Like: Lamborghini Will Save Its Legendary V12 By Adding Hybrid Tech
Does Laser Rust Removal Work And Is It Affordable?
9 Surprising Things I Learned From Owning A Honda S2000 For 9 Months


mpgomaticWhen it comes to fun and fuel efficiency, you can beat the content on MPGoMatci. This site separates makes and models by their miles-per-gallon and other comparable metrics like car, truck, or SUV. The resulting website allows you to find exactly what you’re looking for in a new car that won’t break the bank at the gas pump. 3 Articles We Like: Top 10 Best Mileage 2018 AWD Vehicles
Honda Civic Gas Mileage: 1978-2013
Top 10 Cheapest New Cars of 2018 – What Gets the Best Gas Mileage?

Automotive Addicts

automotive addictsOperating since 2004, Automotive Addicts has always taken pride in never recycling old content or stuffing their site with filler. The content on Automotive Addicts always promises to be fresh, unique, informative, and entertaining. You can also find the most up-to-date information on trade-in values, and even a proprietary classifieds section. 3 Articles We Like: 2017 Chevrolet Camaro 2LT RS Convertible 50th Anniversary Edition Quick Spin Review
2011 BMW 335i M Sport Review & Test Drive
2017 Ford Edge Sport Review & Test Drive

Good Car Bad Car

good car bad carGood Car, Bad Car is all about the data. Their aim is to not only show you the good, the bad, and the ugly of the automotive world, but to present it in a thoroughly-researched and data-backed way. In fact for a nominal fee, you can download month-to-month US auto sales data to pour over the research yourself! 3 Articles We Like: Top 20 Best-Selling SUVs In America – June 2016
Top 11 Best-Selling Pickup Trucks In America – August 2016 YTD
2017 Year End U.S. Vehicle Sales Rankings – Top 296 Best-Selling Vehicles In America – Every Vehicle Ranked

The Weekly Driver

weekly driverThough it’s title is The Weekly Driver, you can visit this site daily if you’re so inclined. News, reviews, and interesting posts about celebrity cars are just a few of the features you can hope to find here. Focusing on older cars like convertibles and collectibles, The Weekly Driver also stays up to date on the auto industry and what we can expect in the future. 3 Articles We Like: Elio Motors: So long, farewell to your three-wheel hype
Head-up display devices helps drivers, quality varies
Most Unsafe Cars in History: Ford Pinto to Chevrolet Corvair

Tred Test Drive Blog

tred test drive blogTred Test Drive Blog dedicates most of its content to buying, selling, or trading vehicles. Before you sell or trade your car (or buy a new one) you need to know what the market says its worth – Tred Test Drive Blog can help you in this research. You’ll find some of the best tips and tricks here. 3 Articles We Like: How Many Miles are Too Many?
When Should I Sell My Car?
8 Podcasts You Can Listen to While You Drive to Work

Best Selling Cars - Matt's Blog

best selling cars blogAllowing users to search by country, Best Selling Cars shows users not only the best selling cars in the world but the best selling cars in various nations. You’ll also see entertaining and informative posts ranging from subjects like auto shows to observed brand strategy from the top manufacturers in the industry. 3 Articles We Like: Why Volkswagen is losing foot in China (1/3)
USA 1977: Chevrolet Impala/Caprice takes the lead, Ford F-Series now best-selling truck
Japan April 2018: Toyota Aqua leads for the first time in 6 months


car complaintsSo you’ve heard the praise of all the various makes and models, but what about the criticism? What about these cars has drivers annoyed six months down the line? That’s what you really want to know when you’re shopping for a car, and CarComplaints can tell you all about it. 3 Articles We Like: Best Vehicles
Driverless Car Technology Needs Oversight, And Lots of It
BMW Hacked Through Infotainment Systems

It's My Car

it's my carWith more than a decade in the automotive world ItMyCar has always been on the forefront of the blogosphere with some of the most up to date information available. This site also has a fun facts section, a buying guide, and important safety measure to help you stay safe on the road. 3 Articles We Like: A Comprehensive Review of the Best Tires for Jeep Wrangler in 2018
6 Myths about Driverless Cars Debunked
How To Take Great Care Of Your Car During The Summer Months

Auto Accessories Garage Learning Center

auto accessories garage learning centerIf we can toot our own horn for just a moment, the Learning Center we’ve built on Auto Accessories Garage is one of our greatest points of pride. Since we have product specialists in every day, we’ve learned what questions our visitors tend to have on their minds, which gave us the idea to create plenty of informative articles and guides. 3 Articles We Like: How To Choose The Right Tonneau Cover
Gifts for the Auto Enthusiast
Floor Mats Research Guide

Auto City

auto cityVoted “Dealer of the Year” in 2018 and 2017 by Dealer Rater, Auto City in El Cajon, CA is really something special. But even if you don’t live in the area, Auto City’s blog provides useful information about cars and car shopping to people all over the country. 3 Articles We Like: How Many Miles Are Too Many when Shopping for Used Cars?
10 Common Mistakes First-Time Car Buyers Make (You’ll Want to Avoid These!)
Honda Accord VS Toyota Camry: Is There A Clear Winner?

bmw coopWhether you want to purchase a BMW for the first time, or just stay up to date on potential tune-ups and other industry news, will tell you everything you need to know. Here you can read about upcoming auto shows, concept cars, awards, racing, and so much more. 3 Articles We Like: 2017 BMW 5 Series M-Sport Package
Exclusive: 2016 BMW 7 Series Convertible Rendered
2020 Rolls-Royce Wraith Coupe Pops-Up in Outstanding Renderings

Repair and Maintenance

Be Car Care Aware

be car care awareVehicle maintenance repair is usually pretty simple stuff, that is if you know what to do and when. That’s what the Be Car Care Aware blog is designed to help out with. Full of useful information and news, the Be Car Care Aware blog offers unbiased information to help drivers make the best decisions they can for their car maintenance. 3 Articles We Like: Four Symptoms of a Sick Cooling System
Infographic: Car Maintenance Checklist
Top 10 Most Common Vehicle Repairs

All About Automotive

All About AutomotiveThe blog on All About Automotive is a great place to get great info about how to keep up on your car. Here you’ll learn about everything from anti-lock brakes to heating and air conditioning systems. You’ll also learn where to look for affordable and trustworthy auto care when the time comes.3 Articles We Like: How Often Should I Have My Spark Plugs Replaced?
What is the SRS Light that is Illuminated on my Dash?
Should I Purchase A Used Cra With a Salvaged or Branded Title?

Repair Pal

repair palAt Repair Pal, you can learn to become the master of your garage. This informative blog will tell you all about the most common problems car owners deal with. You can also keep up to date on manufacturer recalls, OBD codes, and general car care tips. There’s also a forum so if your question isn’t answered you can ask it.3 Articles We Like: What To Do If Your Ignition Key Won’t Turn
Rough Idle Causes and How to Fix Them
Check Engine Light On

YourMechanic Blog

yourmechanic blogResearching a vehicle issue can be frustrating, which is why YourMechanic has the convenient “Ask a Mechanic” section. Providing more information that a simple search or general forum could offer, this section of YourMechanic allows you to describe a noise, a feeling, or other issue that you’ve observed in your vehicle, and see if it rings any bells for a professional automotive mechanic. 3 Articles We Like: How to Clean Oxidized Headlights
2019 Acura MDX refresh brings some sharp enhancements
Georgia sheriff buys Dodge Charger Hellcat, and the feds want a refund

Openbay Overdrive

openbay overdriveSo you’ve got a check engine light on, of course you can get a code readout, but what do you do with the code? On Openbay Overdrive, you can read a detailed list of the most common trouble codes and find out what they mean. With this knowledge in hand you can make smart moves when you take the next steps in getting your vehicle repaired. 3 Articles We Like: How Much Should It Cost to Replace a Tire?
What Does it Cost to Replace Spark Plugs?
4 Warning Signs Your Car Has Transmission Issues

Oil Can Henrys

oil can henrysOil Can Henrys is the place to be for a non-nonsense approach on car and truck ownership. Sections like “Henry’s Hints” offer valuable information and things like updates about recalls can be essential information. Spring cleaning tips for your vehicle and information about upkeep are a few more examples of content you might find at Oil Can Henrys. 3 Articles We Like: The Dexos Dilemma: What It Means To Your GM Vehicle
The Dangers Of Driving With Low Oil Level
Treading Lightly: Answers To Common Tire Maintenance Questions

YouFixCars Blog

youfixcars blogWith all the latest manufacturer issued technical service bulletins, the YouFixCars blog is a great place to stay updated on news and updates that would interest an at-home mechanic. YouFixCars also has an impressive library of downloadable PDFs of auto manuals, repair guides, and more. Videos and images abound to further assist you in your repair and maintenance needs. 3 Articles We Like: Bad Air-Conditioning Noises Explained
My Car Hit a Curb Now What Happens
Knock Sensor Problems on GM Vehicles

The Humble Mechanic

humble mechanicOne of the great things about The Humble Mechanic is how down-to-earth and relaxed he can talk while he shares his expertise on Volkswagens and more. This site has articles, videos, podcasts, and much, much more. You can also send in questions to The Humble Mechanic himself and hope to see the response covered on the podcast! 3 Articles We Like: Why Does A Volkswagen Key Cost So Much?
Purolator Oil Filter Review
Draining Engine Oil vs Extracting Engine Oil

BA Auto Care Blog

British American Auto Care BlogWhen you understand more about your car and its maintenance, you can build a better relationship with your mechanic, or any mechanic you speak to. That’s the goal of The BA Auto Car Blog. This blog also offers useful information about vehicle inspections, how to care for your eco-friendly car, and other interesting automotive tips. 3 Articles We Like: We Put You in "The Driver's Seat" When it Comes to Auto Service Knowledge!
7 Common Repair Problems Mini Cooper Owners Face
Should I Own a Car with a Continuously Variable Transmission?


MasterTechMarkThe expert behind YouFixCars, Mark Gittelman has so much to say about cars, he launched a whole new blog, MasterTechMark. Among the posts here, you’ll find Mark’s interesting takes on automotive news stories, and sagely advice on auto repair for a wide range of vehicles. 3 Articles We Like: Do I Need A Throttle Body Service
How to deal with Stripped Oil Drain Plugs
Car AC Not Blowing Cold Enough

Cannon Auto Repair Blog

Cannon Auto Repair BlogOn Cannon Auto Service’s Car Care Tips Blog, you can find useful car care tips relating to tires, transmissions, AC, brakes, and much, much more. This blog also features seasonal tips so you can be sure you’re staying up to date year-round from problems that might befall you on a cold winter’s night or hot summer day. 3 Articles We Like: Brake Repair and Safety go Hand-in-Hand!
How Long Does it Take to Replace an Alternator?
How Does Wheel Alignment Work?

Protect My Car Blog

protect my car blogProtect My Car is a blog that was designed not only to be informative, but to be entertaining at the same time. Tips for road trips, info about auto insurance, and the real deal on extended warranties are some more of the content you can expect to find on Protect My Car. 3 Articles We Like: 4 Useful Car Maintenance Apps
4 Tech Billionaires with Surprising Cars
Top 10 Best Racing Movies

Ask Patty

ask pattyOriginally designed as an approachable auto blog for women, Ask Patty offers advice on such subjects as buying and selling vehicles, taking preventative measures like checking tire tread, and basic safety issues. Patty is a solid expert and you can expect to find advice you can trust and count on when you visit Ask Patty. 3 Articles We Like: How Hill-Hold or Hill-Start Assist Technology Makes Steep-Road Starts Safer for Drivers
Replacing Two New Tires: Do they Go in Front or Back?
5 Things NOT To Do Right After a Car Accident: A Lawyer’s Step-by-Step Advice

Auto Upkeep Blog

Auto Upkeep BlogIf you want to learn how to diagnose your own automotive problems, and fix them yourself, Auto Upkeep should be one of your first stops. The blog on Auto Upkeep is run by real industry experts who know what their talking about, and know how to relate it to you. 3 Articles We Like: Inspecting Serpentine Belts – New Belt Technology Warrants New Inspection Techniques
Are hybrids durable? The 300,000 mile hybrid!
How to Check an Engine before Buying a Used Car

Automotive Training Center Blog

Automotive Training Center BlogEverything from keeping your car in good shape, to what to do on long road trips can be found at Automotive Training Center. You might have thought you didn’t need anymore training, until you saw the wealth of information on this blog! They also educational ebooks for download. 3 Articles We Like: What Is Paintless Dent Removal?
3 Common Pearl Painting Mistakes
5 Ways to Diagnose Your Vehicle: What to Check And How to Check It

Peak Auto Blog

Peak Auto BlogLearn about everything auto fluid related at the blog on Peak Auto. Motor oil, coolant, anti-freeze, all the FAQs and DIY guides can be found here. If you need to top of your liquid levels and keep your car at peak performance, Peak Auto is the place to learn how. 3 Articles We Like: How Can I Best Maintain My Windshield Wipers?
10 Greatest American Race Car Drivers To Celebrate This 4th of July
Cold Weather Antifreeze/Coolant: How low can your antifreeze go?

Convoy Auto Repair Blog

Convoy Auto Repair BlogLocated in San Diego, California, Convoy Auto Repair is your ordinary auto repair shop, but with an extraordinary online blog. Whether you live in the San Diego area or on the opposite coast, you can find interesting information here. Fascinating lists and well-researched articles are regularly posted for your reading pleasure. 3 Articles We Like: How a Dirty Air Filter Affects Performance
6 Factors That Could Affect a Smog Test
The Top 5 Foreign Car Brands of 2016

Denlors Auto Blog

Denlors Auto BlogLearning what’s wrong with your vehicle and how to fix it is easy with Denlors Auto Blog. This site will teach you about all the different components under your hood and what to do when one goes on the fritz. Any car owner should have this blog bookmarked. 3 Articles We Like: AC Water Leaks Inside Car – How to Fix
Jeep Grand Cherokee Scanned P1281 Fault Code
Ford P0401 Code Scanned – Expedition 4.6 EGR Low Flow

Elite Auto Repair Blog

Elite Auto Repair BlogThe blog on Elite Auto Repair is the perfect place to beef up your knowledge and know-how on cars and car repair. You’ll find everything from general maintenance procedures to how to get your car through the winter on this informative blog. And if you’re in the area you can even go in for a tune up. 3 Articles We Like: My Car Is Overheating! What Could Be Wrong? What Do I Do?
My Car's A/C Is Not Cold. What Could Be Wrong?
What's Wrong If My Battery Or Charging System Light Comes On?


JalopnikIf you have any interest in cars and blogs, you probably know about Jalopnik. This iconic car blog has fun daily features, exciting news from the industry, and hilarious videos found from all over the web. This is a common site for car nuts to leave as their homepage. 3 Articles We Like: These Are The Biggest Mistakes Used Car Buyers Make
The 2019 Nissan Leaf Nismo Is Happening
What's the Most Important Maintenance After Buying a Used Car?

Know Your Parts

know your partsKnow Your Parts is a blog of the mindset that if you know about the components of your car, you’ll have a much easier time keeping them in good shape. This site is always up to date on the latest trends and developments in the industry as well. 3 Articles We Like: Symptoms of a Worn Wheel Hub Bearing
Diagnosing and Replacing Chassis & Ride Control Parts
When To Replace A Fuel Injector

My Auto Repair Advice

My Auto Repair AdviceLearn how to diagnose your own car just like a mechanic would on My Auto Repair Advice. Honest advice from a real mechanic is the phrase inscribed on the top of this page, and that’s something you can bank on. This is the best place to go to make sure you don’t get ripped off for a lack of knowledge. 3 Articles We Like: Brake Caliper Sticking
Brake Light On
Code P0300 - Causes and Fixes

Fuel and Friction

Fuel and FrictionYou won’t find any fiction on Fuel and Friction. This blog aims to take all the guesswork out of your vehicle and the fluids you feed it. Everything from gasoline to motor oil is discussed, rated, reviewed, and compared on this informative blog. You can see what motor oils are best for your specific car brand and more. 3 Articles We Like: Understanding and Diagnosing Rear Differential Noise
How to Fix Gelled Diesel Fuel
Understanding and Diagnosing Power Steering Noise

OBD Advisor

OBD AdvisorSo your check engine light turned on, now what? You can get your OBDII code read at many auto parts stores, but you probably still have questions in your mind about what the code means. That’s where OBD Advisor comes in. This blog will tell you everything you need to know about OBDII codes and the best readers for them.3 Articles We Like: What Transmission Do I Have?
5 Easy Steps to Reset Your Check Engine Light
OBD1 Scanner: The 5 Best on the market Review 2018


AutozikAfter spending 12 years as a mechanic in Denver, Colorado, Tim Miller realized there was a great need for honest, easy to understand information about automotive maintenance tools. Covering everything from OBD scanners to impact wrenches, you can find news and reviews about the industry’s latest implements and instruments, and it all comes from a honest and trustworthy source.3 Articles We Like: OBD1 Scanner: The 5 Best choices for your Vehicles Review 2018
Bluedriver vs FIXD: Review and Comparison 2018
Autel Scanner: The 10 Best Choices On The Market Review 2018

BMW Car Tuning

BMW Car TuningA BMW is a marvel of a machine right off the showroom floor. But BMW drivers often find themselves wondering if they’re getting the most out of their Bimmer. That’s where BMW Car Tuning comes in. This regularly update blog will help you tinker and tune your specific BMW to get the absolute best performance.3 Articles We Like: Hamann BMW X6 by Phantom Motorsport
BMW i8 Liberty Walk Launched in Rendering
Chinese widebody E92 BMW M3 with Gold Wrap

Classic Cars

Classic Nation

Classic NationLike the automotive magazines and trade papers of yesteryear, Classic Nation has classified ads, event calendars, photos and more. You’ll also find a fantastic blog filled with tips and tricks on how to best sell your car, and how to best buy a new one. 3 Articles We Like: 13 Of The Coolest Classic Cars Under $10K
Is the 57′ Chevrolet Bel Air better than the 55′ and 56′?
List of the most popular Classic Car Forums

British Sports Cars

british sports carsIf you love British sports cars and want to see more, you should go ahead and bookmark the blog on Here you’ll see all the greatest in British engineering. These are cars that James Bond wouldn’t mind driving, and he’s not only one.3 Articles We Like: On the Market: 1977 Lotus Esprit S1
Cool Car: 1939 MG TB
Restoration Project Update: 1960 Triumph TR3A

Hemmings Daily

Hemmings DailyFounded in the early days of the blogosphere, Hemmings Daily has been up and running for about twenty years. Fans of classic cars will appreciate this informative blog which compiles more that 20,000 car listings and car clubs. The active forum allows users to share pictures of their own classic cars and memorabilia. 3 Articles We Like: A new clue arises in the search for the “lost” James Bond Aston Martin
A Sunday drive for a good cause
A brief history of Studebaker, 1852-1966

The Chicane

The ChicaneClassic motorsport is the name of the game at The Chicane - the history, the craft, and the dedication it takes to keep a classic car or motorcycle in peak performance condition. The excitement of vintage racing is like nothing else in the automotive world and The Chicane makes that as clear as day on their blog. 3 Articles We Like: Lost Track: Greenwood Roadway
Should the Cisitalia-Porsche 360 Have Changed GP Racing?
Lost Track: Paramount Ranch


CartypeFrom the history of various manufacturers to a collection of vintage logos, The Cartype keeps their site up-to-date on all the vehicles that are anything but up-to-date. Classic car lovers need Cartype to be one of their regular stops on the internet. This digital love letter to antique cars also has its finger on the pulse of the modern day auto-industry. 3 Articles We Like: Audi S-Line
Emblems with animals
Top 10 Best Car Names

Old Cars Weekly

Old Cars WeeklyOld Cars Weekly is a weekly-published new source featuring info on events and attractions a classic car owner might be interested in. If you want to know what’s coming up in your area just keep your eyes trained here. Old Cars Weekly also features a wide variety of regular columns that are both humorous and insightful. 3 Articles We Like: Ex-Lambrecht 1963 Impala: 32 ‘before and after’ photos of an 11-mile time capsule
Project Heaven
The Happy Days Dream Cars “Grand Closing Auction”

Cleaning and Detailing


AutoDeetsIf a man’s house is his castle, then his car surely must be his chariot. If you treat your wheels like your holy throne, AutoDeets is a must. This blog will teach you how to keep your car in showroom condition for the long haul. 3 Articles We Like: 4 Ways: How to Remove Car Window Tint (with Water, Razor, Heat Gun or Hairdryer)
How Often Should You Wash Your Car? (Winter, Summer, Spring?)
3 Excellent Ways: How to Clean Car Upholstery Yourself

Automotive Spaces

Automotive SpacesWhen it comes to cleaning your car, there’s a lot of double talk out there on the internet. But if you want the skinny with no minced words, head on over to Automotive Spaces. This blog will tell you all the best information about how to clean your car and with what products. 3 Articles We Like: Steering Wheel Lock Up While Driving – Causes & How to Fix?
How To Jump 3 Wire AC Pressure Switch?
Why Car Air Conditioner Not Blowing Cold Air When Idling?

Behind the Detail

Behind the DetailThe Dr. Beasley’s blog which is updated frequently will give you all the top tips and tricks for detailing your car. If you take pride in your vehicle, you’re going to want to make sure it stays detailed and this blog is one of the best ways to do that. 3 Articles We Like: Pros and Cons of Clear Bra Paint Protection Film
The Breakdown on Nano Coatings
What’s The Deal With Orange Peel?

Green Cars

Green Car Reports

Green Car ReportsThe field of eco-friendly vehicles can be difficult to navigate, but not with Green Car Reports. This blog rates environmentally friendly vehicles and provides reviews and tips on what to expect from each one. You can also find breaking news on the latest trends and newest information related to the green automotive world. 3 Articles We Like: Why I traded my Chevy Bolt EV for a Tesla: one reader's story
2017 Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid: further thoughts on 50 mpg after 1,200 miles
Toyota Prius hybrid sales have tanked: here are 4 reasons why

Gas 2

46-Gas-2.jpgMany people want to make an effort to help the environment, and The Gas2 Blog is here to help. This eco-friendly news source keeps drivers up-to-date on info and innovations in the world of green vehicles. You’ll also find plenty of tips, tricks, and life hacks to help you get greener in your own daily driving. 3 Articles We Like: 10 Things To Consider Before You Start An EV Conversion
Honda Clarity: is it the Best EV Deal of 2018?
Electric Maserati Alfieri: 0-60 Under 2 Sec.


AutoweekIt’s called Autoweek, but big fans are visiting this automotive blog on the daily. This blog has tons of high-resolution images of green cars, racing news, and the latest from NASCAR. This blog isn’t just about cars, it’s about an entire lifestyle that surrounds cars. 3 Articles We Like: Video: 10-year-old uses stop-motion to create his own NASCAR Gander Outdoors 400 from Pocono
Opinion: Fix the Schedule, NASCAR
Red-hot Blake Alexander is turning heads in NHRA Top Fuel class


HybridCarsOn you’ll see all the latest news on the latest technologies in the world of hybrid and electric cars. Specs, pricing, and test drive information can all be found here as well as informative and thoughtful articles about the environment and our relationship with our vehicles. 3 Articles We Like: Top 7 Issues for an Electric Car Conversion
America’s 5 Most Fuel Efficient Trucks – 2017
Three High-MPG Hybrid Minivans Americans Would Love But Can’t Get


CarwitterReviews of various models, car news, and a wide variety of “How To” articles can be found on Carwitter. This blog will teach you everything from how to make money with your car, to what types of things you should look for when you test drive one. 3 Articles We Like: Nextbase Dash Cam 512G Review – The Perfect Dash Cam
Cataclean Review – Does It Really Work?
TomTom Go 5100 Sat Nav Review


Celebrity Cars Blog

Celebrity Cars BlogIf you’ve ever wondered about what the stars drive, you should take a peek at Celebrity Cars Blog. This site will keep you up to date with photos of the many stars’ many cars. From Escalades to Lamborghinis, sports kings to movie queens, this blog has all your favorite famous folks and their famous wheels. 3 Articles We Like: Justin Bieber
Pictures of Celebrity Cars
Floyd Mayweather


Zero2TurboIf you have a soft spot for exotic cars, Zero 2 Turbo should be a go-to site for you. This blog always keeps the spotlight on exotic vehicles, especially those found in the editor’s home country of South Africa. For that reason, this blog gives you an inside look at vehicles you might not otherwise see.3 Articles We Like: Eminem’s Car Collection Is Absolutely Epic
Tanner Foust’s Personal Cars
Audi R8 GT Crashes Into Rear Of Golf GTI In Johannesburg South Africa

The Safe Driver

The Safe DriverYou can never be too safe on the road, and for many of us it’s been many years since we took Driver’s Ed. So why not brush up on safety tips in a fun and entertaining way with The Safe Driver. Here you’ll get advice and life hacks on paralleling parking, mirror adjustment, and many other subjects that will perfect your skill behind the wheel. 3 Articles We Like: How close to the corner do you park?
Defensive driving or offensive driving?
How often should you check your mirror?


PetroliciousCalling himself Petrolista-in-Chief, Afshin Behnia runs Petrolicious himself and personally contributes ongoing editorial articles as well as some of the highest quality videos available in the car blog world. You can even contribute your own story and see if it gets accepted for a full write up! 3 Articles We Like: News Flash: Pelican Parts’ HQ Is Full Of Incredible Porsches
Why The W123 Is Still The Epitome Of Mercedes-Benz Quality
Ever Seen A Range Rover County Classic Powered By A BMW V12?

Auto Spies

Auto SpiesIt’s been described as the TMZ or Wikileaks of the automotive world. If spy shots are your bread and butter, then Auto Spies is the site for you. This is the blog for people who can’t bare to wait for the regular news sites to show off upcoming models. Get a sneak peak at Auto Spies. 3 Articles We Like: 2019 Chevy Chevelle SS Coming in the End of 2018
We've All Heard The Rumors About The All-new Ford Bronco, But The Spies Have The One That Should TERRIFY The Jeep Wrangler Rubicon
The GREAT Debate: Is The All-New Honda Accord The FIRST Ugly Design From Honda In A While?

Jalopy Journal

Jalopy JournalHot rods, rat rods, custom builds – if this is your scene you’ve got to get on The Jalopy Journal. This love letter to the racers of yesteryear and the people who build them today will have you entertained for hours and hours to come. Articles, videos, and a comment section, it doesn’t get much better than the Jalopy Journal. 3 Articles We Like: Proper Scallops
Your Favorite Pair
Model A’s…in Moderation?

The internet is chock full of blogs that range from funny to informative - and there is certainly no shortage of automotive blogs. We hope this list of the 100 Best Car Blogs has provided some useful tips on where to find the best of the best. Whether your goal is to buy a new car, repair a current car, or stay up to date on the industry, or just have a few laughs, the blogs we’ve listed here will help you get the job done.

Note: If you think your car blog is worthy of being included in this list, send an email with "Best Car Blogs" in the subject line to explaining why.