StopTech Drilled Big Brake Kit

3853 CM
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Product Details

  • Take your braking power and performance to new levels with a StopTech Drilled Big Brake Kit
  • The larger rotors included with the StopTech Big Brake Kit have higher heat capacity, lowering operating temperatures for better friction
  • Drilled rotors help eliminate pad dust and debris build-up for a cleaner disc surface
  • Enhance's your vehicle's style with modern, high-performance looks
  • StopTech's Balanced Brake Upgrades maintain your stock rear to front brake torque ratio, giving you higher stopping power with great pedal feel and safety
  • Kit includes drilled rotors, red brake calipers, street performance brake pads, caliper mounting brackets, and steel brake lines
  • Stainless Steel brake lines enhance your pedal feel and eliminate the spongy feel of stock lines
  • Minimum wheel diameter required to install - select your vehicle above for more details
  • Backed with a 90-Day/3,000-Mile Warranty
  • They say great things come in small packages, but sometimes bigger really is better. The StopTech Drilled Big Brake Kit is one such example. Its oversize rotors handle heat better than smaller stock rotors, keeping operating temperatures down and improving your pad bite for stronger stopping power across the board.

    The StopTech Drilled Big Brake Kit includes everything you need to fully step up your brake performance - drilled rotors, street performance brake pads, red calipers, caliper mounitng brackets, and steel brake lines. The StopTech Big Brake Kit's rotors are drilled for excellent air flow and expulsion of pad dust and debris. This ensures a cooler, cleaner braking surface for tough pad bite and longer brake life. The kit's stainless steel brake lines hold up stronger than stock lines, giving you a better positive feel without the spongy action of stock brakes.

    Bigger is often better, but improperly designed brake systems can actually be detrimental to your braking performance and safety. Many other brake systems make for excessive front-end torque, reducing the traction of all four tires when braking (even on ABS applications). As well, a system with too large or too many pistons can make for a slow and difficult pedal feel. The StopTech Drilled Big Brake Kit is properly balanced to your exact vehicle to maintain proper front/rear brake torque and give you the best pedal feel possible. That's why StopTech Brakes are proven time and again for optimum performance both on the street and on the track.

    Outfit your ride with superior braking performance and power with the StopTech Drilled Big Brake Kit. Your StopTech Brakes are backed with a 90-Day/3,000-Mile Warranty.

    California Residents: Prop 65 Warning
    ATTN State of California Consumers Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm.