Horns & Alarms


About Horns & Alarms

From 18-wheelers to construction implements, make your presence known with Horns and Alarms. Our super-loud air horns and safety-enhancing back-up alarms keep everyone around in the know. Many horns even add a touch of chromed-out style to your truck.

Purring engines. Squealing tires. Squeaky brakes. Cars and trucks all have their characteristic sounds, but the most instantly recognizable one is that of the horn. Car Horns and Alarms are the most direct way of alerting other drivers to your presence on the road. Whether you're a daily driver stuck in traffic or an ambulance driver who needs to get to your destination quickly, a loud and powerful Car Horn or Alarm is essential.

Truckers need to be especially loud with their rigs. That's why we carry a full selection of Truck Air Horns that deliver huge blasts of sound. Our Truck Horns and Train Horns are crafted from heavy-duty materials with high-quality finishes to stand up to all the rigors of hard trucking. Many even include the air horn compressor, making them complete stand-alone solutions for your truck air horn needs.

Equipping your vehicle with the right horns and alarms isn't just for convenience - it's a matter of safety. Our Back-Up Alarms make it safer to operate larger vehicles and work trucks, letting everyone know you're in reverse. No matter your needs, establish your audible presence on the road with our Air Horns & Alarms.