EGR Deflectors & Vent Visors


About Deflectors

Slap a set of EGR's high-quality deflectors over your ride's windows and breathe in that fresh air! Custom-designed for your car, truck, or SUV, these durable vent visors provide a perfect fit and total coverage for your windows. That means the wind can't come charging through to ruin your hair or whip your face, nor can rain drip in through a crack when all you want is a little bit of oxygen. Installing EGR Deflectors is a breeze no matter which ones you go with because they're custom-designed for an easy fit.

The best accessories you can add onto your car or truck are those that enhance not only your driving comfort but your exterior style as well. And if they can help maintain your exterior looks and prevent the onslaught of bug guts, pebbles, and tar from marring your finish? Even better! When you want all these things, and more, EGR Wind Deflectors are where it's at.

It takes just minutes to mount up a set of EGR Vent Visors or Bug Deflectors, but you'll be enjoying the benefits for years. Crafted from rugged materials and custom-molded to your exact vehicle, these window deflectors work wonders for when you want to take it to the highways with your windows rolled down or your sunroof pulled back. And with an EGR Bug Deflector mounted onto your hood, you'll keep all that kicked-up debris far away from your windshield and paint job. Plus, with a variety of attractive finishes to choose from, you can deck your vehicle out with the exact trim look you want.

Shop for your EGR Deflectors at and enjoy an easy-going experience like you'll find nowhere else. Every set of EGR Rain Guards, Bug Deflectors, & Vent Visors we sell is presented with a minimum of fuss and a maximum of practicality. You'll find large full color photos and a detailed product description on every page, and then once you see the ones that are right for you they ship for free. When you choose AAG, it's easier than ever to find the gear you want and get it at a great price.