Cooling Performance


About Cooling Performance

Keep it cool under the hood wth our Cooling Performance Parts & Systems. Whether you're towing, racing, or otherwise putting high stress on your engine, use a transmission or oil cooler to minimize temperatures and stay running for longer. When it comes to cooling, rely on AAG for indsustry-leading brands backed with industry-leading customer service.

Cool, clean fluids are the lifeblood of your vehicle. When vital fluids under your hood get too hot, terrible damage can occur. Warped cylinder heads, fried transmissions, or even weak power steering can occur when your oils aren't kept cool. Add some of our Cooling Performance parts, however, and you'll be riding cool and easy.

Tow harder, race faster, and haul heavier loads with a Performance Cooler under the hood. Our engine oil coolers and transmission coolers are available in a wide range of sizes to fit your needs, budget, and available space in the engine bay. And our coolers aren't limited to just engine oil and transmission fluid - use them to control the temperatures of your differential fluid, power steering, fuel, and more. Or, if you just need to add some extra airflow, bolt on one of our performance electric radiator fans. Our electric cooling fans are specially engineered to provide maximum air flow and power in a minimum amount of space.

No matter your vehicle or what you use it for, rely on our Cooling Performance Accessories to add to the performance and lifespan of your ride. Plus, most Performance Coolers and Electric Radiator Cooling Fans come to your door with Free Shipping.