Ignition Systems


About Ignition Systems

Your high-performance engine's power potential truly comes down to a tiny spark. Maximize your engine's capabilities with Ignition Systems and Spark Plugs. Choose your ride with our Vehicle Selector, and we'll only show the ignition coils and systems that are custom-tuned to your exact engine.

All that tire-burning power and checkered-flag-winning performance you crave really starts with a tiny spark in your engine. Your ignition is what sets off the air/fuel explosions that make your vehicle go, so make sure you're getting the most power out of your cylinders with our Ignition Systems and Ignition Parts.

Our Ignition Boxes and Ignition Controllers utilize advanced analog and digital microprocessor technology to supply more power to your spark plugs without drawing excessive current. By properly handling spark plug firing and rev limits, these controllers optimize your ignition to coax crucial extra power from your engine.

Don't forget about upgrading the spark plugs themselves. Our Performance Spark Plugs feature top-shelf materials like platinum and iridium, with premium designs that ensure a huge, powerful spark with every pull of the pistons. Whether you're looking to maximize your power potential or simply replacing some worn-out plugs, these spark plugs improve everything from your power output to your fuel efficiency.

When upgrading your engine's performance, don't skimp on the spark. Take your speed and power to the next level with Ignition Systems and Ignition Parts from AutoAccessoriesGarage.com.