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Ignition Boxes

You may have the fanciest spark plugs on the block, but what really gets them firing is an Ignition Box. These ignition controllers wrangle larger and more powerful sparks out of your plugs, without drawing excessive power from your electrical system. They're simple to install, so in no time you'll be getting more power out of every turn of your engine. For superior performance, get the most out of every stroke with an Ignition Box.
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MSD Digital Ignition Control

The best aftermarket ignition system just got better with MSD Digital Ignition Control. Using similar housing but a lower profile than previous generations, this ignition control system is able to generate more power while using less electricity than ever before. A built-in LED makes system checks a breeze, and this system is compatible with any 4 to 8-cylinder engine.

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MSD Power Grid Ignition System

A new generation of power and performance is available with the MSD Power Grid Ignition System. USB programmable and featuring Windows-based software, this ignition control system allows racers to monitor performance parameters and choose new tunes thanks in large part to a 32-bit microcontroller. Use the Power Grid Controller with its paired Power Grid-7 Ignition for total performance upgrades.

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MSD Modular Ignition Controller

Control your Ford 4.6L/5.4L carbureted intake manifold or electronic fuel injector system with an MSD Modular Ignition Controller. This controller connects directly to your engine's coils, cam, crank, and MAP sensors, and MSD software allows you to set a variety of performance parameters to get the most out of your engine. This is the perfect performance enhancement whether you use MSD Ignition accessories at the track or on the street.

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MSD HEI Distributor Upgrade Kit

The MSD HEI Distributor Upgrade Kit comes with everything you need to turn your stock GM HEI distributor into a high-performance part. Its included module is specially designed to work with the coil specifications and provides 50% higher coil drive currents than stock. The kit also includes a brass terminal cap, high-performance rotor, and even a dust cover.

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About Ignition Boxes

Amplify your engine's internal combustion with an ignition box. These handy boxes jack up the spark that gets everything going and maintains that extra effort over the long haul. You won't sap energy unnecessarily from your ride's electronics, and with an easy installation one of these won't make you nuts during setup, either. Jeep Cherokee ignition systems, for instance, make your vehicle that much more powerful, and that much more fun to drive.

Shop for your new ignition box at AutoAccessoriesGarage.com and always have the ball in your court. We're not going to give you any hassle and we're not going to waste your time. You'll just find what you're looking for, with a custom design, vehicle-specific shopping, and a helpful Customer Service staff. AAG is here to be different than the rest, and better than them, too.

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