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About Car Covers

No matter what the wind, sun, and rain dish out, your car will look supreme under a car cover. We only offer the highest-quality, most trusted covers in the industry, and our Customer Service staff is ready to help you find the perfect material and style for your needs. Whether you park your vehicle indoors or out, keep it safe with a car cover from

When you're looking to protect your investment, take confidence in Auto Accessories Garage. We have a huge selection of car covers to fit virtually any automobile. A car cover is the easiest way to protect your investment from scratches, weather, and sunlight, and AAG is the easiest way to find exactly what you need. Our car covers are available in a wide range of fabrics, to protect your ride from all kinds of indoor and outdoor hazards.

Whether you need a Ford Mustang Cover or something for a full-size truck, you will find them available in a huge range of colors, as well as two-tone styles so you can find the cover that suits your style. With one of our vehicle covers, your ride will look as good in storage as it does on the highway. At we offer a complete selection of car covers to suit your protection needs and your lifestyle. For daily drivers, a light-duty cover is easy to handle and fold up into a smaller bundle. If you only take your covered vehicle out a couple times a year, we offer thicker, durable covers that provide the maximum amount of long-term protection.

If you park your vehicle in the driveway for long periods, you need something made for outdoor protection. All-weather vehicle covers can protect your vehicle against harsh outdoor conditions like rain, dust, and bird droppings. These hazards do serious damage to your paint, glass, and chrome, but our outdoor vehicle covers are made rugged to stand up to the elements. Let's say you keep a classic Wrangler in the garage. You may think you're safe from heavy weather, but you still need a Jeep Wrangler Cover to defend your baby from indoor hazards. Indoor vehicle covers are used to preserve a vehicle's paint and to safeguard it from dings, dents and dust. Truck covers fit your vehicle with style and precision, whether you have an open bed or cab-high shell. We also offer up car cover reviews written by drivers just like you to help you make the right purchase.

Almost every one of our indoor and outdoor car covers is custom-stitched to the curves and contours of your exact vehicle. This guarantees a tight fit that won't flap in the wind or slap against your paint job, ensuring maximum protection. Plus, their snug fit makes for a superior look that shows off your vehicle's beauty even while covered up. Many car covers also have grommets for antennas and security locks, custom-sewn mirror pockets, and even elastic hems that keep the fabric hugging your vehicle day in and day out.