About Gauges

Replace and update your vehicle's Gauges so you know what's going on beneath your hood. Our gauges and lights keep you aware of your vital stats as well as suit up your interior style. Plus, our dedicated Customer Service team is here to help you find what you need.

Stay informed about your vehicle, and look good doing it. That's the simple premise behind automotive gauges from From vital stats like oil pressure and boost to fuel, temperature, and RPMs, we have all you need to put your most important info at a glance. No matter what your factory set-up looks like, we can change up your gauges to get a better feel for your dash panel.

And it's not just the gauges themselves that we can offer you. You can also upgrade your gauge faces to something sleeker and more stylish. You can change your Honda's dash over to digital Civic Gauges from your current analog set-up, and you can add whatever accessories you need to get the full gauge configuration you want. If you're looking to upgrade your SUV's interior style, we have something in mind for your Jeep Grand Cherokee Gauges. At AAG, we can help you figure out exactly what you need.

Our auto gauges are available in over 20 different styles to fit your interior taste. Modern carbon fiber styles give your dash that modern race look, while vintage and antique models offer modern performance and reliability with classic looks. Some Jeep Wrangler Gauges feature lightning fast, ultra-accurate digital readouts for the most immediate, reliable info. No matter your demands, be it for modern racing or classic cruising, Auto Accessories Garage has your gauges covered.