Autometer SportComp II Series Gauges

2250 CM Univ.
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Product Details

  • The same race proven movements used in the original Sport-Comp gauges with the superior white LED through the dial lighting technology and glowing red pointers
  • Full Sweep Electric units are powered by digital microprocessor-controlled, rugged stepper motor drives & laboratory grade sending units.
  • Mechanical gauges feature bronze bourdon tube, 270 degree sweep movements, and durable nylon gearing
  • Short Sweep Electric gauges feature advanced 90 degree air core movements and simple 3-wire installation
  • When you're ready to put the best instrumentation available in your vehicle, don't settle for slow and inaccurate factory equipment. Auto Meter In-Dash Tachometers feature their famous high performance movements, and are designed with a seamless dashboard mount for the ultimate in driver information technology. These rugged & long-lasting gauges have been proven a high performance favorite for over 25 years!