AVS Window Deflectors & Vent Visors


About Deflectors

Whatever gets in the way of your comfortable cruising, mounting a set of deflectors is the best way to block it! AVS Wind Deflectors use state-of-the-art design to keep rushing wind from howling through your vehicle's interior, while an AVS Bug Shield keeps rocks and bug guts from tearing up your paint job. These rugged deflectors mount over your windows, sunroof, and grille detail to keep your car or truck looking good over the long haul.

You love cruising with the windows cracked open, but the noise, wind, and debris can make you think twice about it. Luckily, all it takes is a small, inexpensive modification to get rid of those annoyances. And even better, that modification makes any vehicle look totally sweet. The best in form and function are trully molded into one when you pick up a set of AVS Window Deflectors.

Auto VentShade truly takes pride in their work. From durable, long-lasting materials to dead-on custom designs, AVS Deflectors don't leave any details overlooked. Whether you want to wrap your windows, dress up your sunroof, or keep rocks from knocking into your windshield, AVS Bug Deflectors and Wind Deflectors do the job beautifully. You even have a variety of finishes to choose from, so you can get the exact look that matches your style.

If AVS Deflectors are what you need, then AutoAccessoriesGarage.com is where you need to be! We offer the brand's full line, from bug deflectors to wind deflectors and hood shields, and everything is made to fit your vehicle directly. Tell us your year, make, and model with our handy selector widget, and we'll show you the AVS Visors available for it. Best of all, once you make your decision it ships to you for free!