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There's perhaps no better example of innovation in truck accesories. BAK Truck Bed Covers feature advanced materials, awesome build quality, and design features so simple-yet-brilliant that you can't help but wonder "why didn't I think of that?" It gets better, too - these covers are easy to install, and their custom designs mean you'll get the best fit and maximum protection for your gear. When you're looking to step your truck up with BAK, is the place to go.

The engineers and designers at BAK Industries love to dream big - and they pour incredible amounts of work into making those dreams come true. That's why BAK Tonneau Covers feature brilliant design features that the competition can only hope to imitate. It's this committment to innovation, quality, and convenience that makes them the counted-on name for professionals, fleet drivers, and even dealerships.

BAK Tonneau Covers are custom-designed to your exact year, make, and model truck, meaning they'll drop into your bed just minutes and provide snug, safe protection for your gear. They're also crafted from top-quality materials and finishes, ensuring years of durability and awesome looks. And unlike vinyl tarps, these covers also boast an extremely high weight capacity - crucial if you live in snowy climates. Best of all, most Bakflip models fold all the way up against your cab for instant full-bed access.

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If there are two key functions you want out of a tonneau cover, they're weather protection and anti-theft security. The engineers at BAK Industries understand this 100%, which is why every last feature and material is designed and intended to provide that peace of mind. Heavy-duty latches that lock under the cover and behind the tailgate transform your bed into an impenetrable trunk. EPDM rubber hinges between the panels provide total water protection where most folding tonneaus fail to provide it. From the seals and drainage tubes to the overall beefed-up construction, a BAK Tonneau Cover gives you all the protection you need.

At AAG, we strive to provide the best service possible when you're searching for a BAK Bed Cover. Our customer support crew is ready to serve via phone, email, and online chat, to make sure you've got every base covered. Plus, every one of our products come with 100% free shipping, so you can save some extra cash for your next truck modification. For all your Tonneau Cover needs, is the place to be. We know exactly what we're doing, and what we're doing is making your life easier.

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