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About Tonneau Covers

The best-designed products are the ones whose brilliance sneaks up on you. Retrax Tonneau Covers may look straightforward and easy to use, but there's an incredible amount of research and engineering that goes into each one. Long-lasting, durable aluminum construction means these covers can support hundreds of pounds of weight, while being light enough to operate with one hand. For the ultimate in low-profile protection, go with Retrax Truck Bed Covers. Browse the Retrax reviews to see what other customers are saying. And for the best prices and service, go with AAG.

Aluminum is one magic metal. Strong and lightweight, it's a brilliant material for use in truck accessories. Retrax Tonneau Covers feature a durable aluminum construction guaranteed not to fail on you, which makes them both easy to handle and incredibly long-lasting. From snow piles to tied-on cargo, these rugged covers can take it, all while offering one-hand operation.

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Retrax Tonneau Covers also look great while they do their thing. Their low-profile designs sit flush against your bed rails for smooth style, and their rugged powder-coat finishes maintain their sleek sheen over the long haul. And with a fully custom fit, your cover will come together flawlessly with your truck bed. Install one for yourself and see what all the fuss is about.

At we take your shopping experience seriously. We make finding a custom Retrax Tonneau Cover simple - just choose your make, model, and year from our vehicle selector and we'll do the rest. Plus, our customer service team can answer any questions you may have when checking out our tonneau covers. Add to that completely free shipping, and you'll see why AAG is the way to go.