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Roll-N-Lock Tonneau Covers

Shelter your truck bed's cargo in safety and security . Ceverly-designed Roll-N-Lock Bed Covers boast a dead-on custom fit, rugged construction, and even optional wireless electronic control. This brand's covers are certainly among the best in their class, and with AAG it's easy to find the perfect tonneau for your needs. Outfit your truck bed with the supreme protection of Roll-N-Lock, and enjoy low prices and 100% free shipping from us.


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Roll-N-Lock A-Series Retractable Tonneau Cover
  • From $1,699.00
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Roll N Lock M Series Manual Tonneau Cover
  • From $1,279.00
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Roll N Lock E Series Retractable Tonneau Cover
  • From $2,469.00
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Roll N Lock Cargo Manager
  • From $289.00
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Showing 4 products

About Roll-N-Lock Tonneau Covers

They may cost a bit more, but a Roll-N-Lock Tonneau Cover is an investment in the future of your truck. Space-aged design and materials protect your equipment from thieves and the weather with impenetrable force that will not buckle under pressure. Custom-designed for your truck, these covers are guaranteed to be a perfect fit from the first installation. Built to last for as long as you own your truck, they give you a veritable bank vault atop your truck bed.

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There's even an electronic option for your Roll-N-Lock Bed Cover, though the manual cover works just as well without the innovative convenience. Durable locks keep everything safe, and a smooth-gliding track makes your life even easier. They've just about thought of everything! Make no mistake, a Roll-N-Lock may put a dent in your bank account, but every dollar spent will come back to you in renewed security and peace of mind. And what price can you put on that?

A retracting bed cover is the most convenient and graceful way to secure your cargo in your pickup. Roll-N-Lock Tonneau Covers open and close on guide tracks, blocking out the elements and prying eyes or giving you wide-open bed access. At AutoAccessoriesGarage.com we make sure you'll get a tonneau cover that's custom-designed to your exact bed for a perfect fit and reliable construction. And if you have any questions about buying a bed cover, our handy customer support team is on call to assist you.

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Roll-N-Lock Tonneau Covers Reviews

Clayton B from Opelousas, LA says:

The roll n lock cover is a high quality cover easy to install,looks great with its low profile. I ordered the cover and in four days it was delivered at a great price. I would definitely recommend roll 'n lock. Read more Roll N Lock M Series Manual Tonneau Cover customer reviews.

John L from Chattanooga, TN says:

This was just what I was looking for. I especially like the cargo divider that adjusts through the length of the bed. Installation was not too bad. A couple of steps are not super clear but I had looked at some youtube videos ahead of time and that really helped. Very happy with my purchase.

Rick K from Monticello, IN said:

I love the cover. It took quite a while to install. The spring tension was not set right. I had to call your company and get instructions on how to do it. It was 5 wraps off. Once I got the tension set it worked well.

Donna from Naples, FL wrote:

This cover keeps your items secure, which was most important to me. It looks attractive too. It allows you the freedom to use the bed, if needed. I find it a little hard to pull closed - not for the weak. Installation takes much longer than what they tell you. I'm glad that we purchased it.

Thomas J from Richardson, TX says:

This is the second truck that I have purchased Roll-N-Lock for. Great cover for the price. Had one problem with the instructions that were incorrect and had to call tech support. They were easy to contact and corrected the instructions immediately. Very satisfied with product.

Mark C from Alma, AR wrote:

2003 Dodge Dakota 6'7" bed. Fits like a glove, tough as a tank, smooth as glass! My hesitation to spend a little extra on the Roll-N-Lock all disappeared once the unit was in place. I took out my bed liner to install this, and in my case I don't think I will miss it. The added security the R-N-L gives you allows you the 'peace of mind' of leaving your truck parked outside overnight with valuables in your p/u bed. Have been through several hard rains with no leaking inside the bed. The incremental (3-clicks) opening stages lock in very sturdy and I wouldn't be afraid to haul a refrigerator or stove standing upright with the R-N-L pulled up against it. Looks like a million bucks. I've had old geezers and young geezers come up to me in the parking lot and ask me to about it. Great investment in an older or newer truck. Now I am going to keep my Dakota till the wheels fall off. If you have an 'over the side' bedliner, you will need to replace the top bed covers with new ones, so be advised of that. Can't go wrong here.





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