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About Car Covers

It's all right there in the name: covercraft is run by people who truly care for the craft of making car covers. Every one of these covers boasts a great fit, excellent durability, and reliable protection from the hazards of long-term parking and storage. Most covercraft car covers are fully custom-designed for a perfect fit, and they even include elastic and grommets for cover locks. And when you shop with AAG, you'll get the best prices and free shipping to boot.

It's pretty amazing exactly how many different kinds of protection you are offered with covercraft car covers. On the one level, numerous fabrics each bring a unique element to the vehicle protection game. That includes covers solely for either indoor or outdoor use, sun protection or full weather protection, and dust or blowing debris protection. Whatever the hazards are particular to your area, you can find a covercraft product to suit your needs.

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Beyond different aspects of protection, covercraft covers are also available in a variety of fits for different vehicles. Full car covers are the brand's focus, but they also offer Convertible covers and truck Cab covers of varying lengths and sizes to fit your other vehicles. These additional covers come in all the same fabrics as their standard models, with everything custom-designed to fit a given vehicle perfectly, with no sag or empty space. Any way you slice it, it's not hard to see that no one holds a candle to covercraft!

Keeping your vehicle sheltered with a covercraft car cover is a great idea - so is shopping for them at We make it straightforward and simple to pick up a new cover - just choose your year, make, and model with our drop-down vehicle selector and we'll do the rest. Plus, our customer service representatives are on the line and ready to help if you have any questions while shopping for covercraft covers. Stick witih AAG - we've got you covered.