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Car Cover Accessories

Your car cover does a lot to protect your investment, but don't forget that a quality cover is an investment itself. Keep your cover secure and in top condition with these car cover accessories. We offer car cover bags that let you properly store your cover when you're out with your vehicle, as well as locks that help deter theft and vandalism. Set yourself up with car cover accessories and keep all your investments in great shape.
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Coverking Car Cover Storage Bag

Protect the cover that protects your car with a Coverking Car Cover Storage Bag. Made from the same fabrics that make up Coverking's Silverguard, TriGuard, and Stormproof covers, these bags are available in duggle and drawstring versions that easily store in your truck or garage. Machine-washable and waterproof, these covers are a great way to keep dust and liquid from prematurely ruining your car cover when not in use.

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Coverking Lock and Cable

Secure your Coverking car cover so nothing bad happens to your vehicle with a Coverking Lock and Cable. The vinyl-coated cable won't damage your vehicle's finish or undercarriage while slipping easily into Coverking grommets, and the brass padlock includes a unique combination. When used together, this system protects against theft and vandalism while also preventing the wind from blowing off your car cover.

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Covercraft Car Cover Storage Bag

Protect your car or truck cover with a Covercraft Car Cover Storage Bag. A poly-cotton blend keeps out dust and protects against liquid and humidity when your cover is not in use. A drawstring closure makes sure your bag cinches up tight, and these modest-sized bag easily fit into trunks and on garage shelves.

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Covercraft Gust Guard
(9 Reviews)

A Covercraft Gust Guard protects your outdoor car cover from blowing off in a stiff wind. Every guard comes with four clamps, two 36" cords, and two friction locks that set up a tension adjustment system beneath your cover to prevent air from getting underneath it. Your guard will attach in minutes and is a great addition to outdoor covers that will be used over long periods of time.

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Covercraft Lock and Cable

Get the most out of your car cover by tightening it into place with a Covercraft Lock and Cable. Loop this 8' vinyl-wrapped cable through your cover's bottom grommets and secure everything with a small brass weatherproof padlock. When you do, you prevent wind from lifting off your cover while also denying thieves and vandals access to your vehicle.

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About Car Cover Accessories

When you leave anything loose on your car, you're asking for trouble from thieves, local punks, and even Mother Nature herself. This is especially true of car covers. With cover accessories, however, you can give your car cover - and the vehicle it protects - a little extra security. Our cover locks weave around the bottom of the cover and attach to your vehicle's frame so nobody can swipe it. These locks also keep gusty winds from blowing it off, so you won't find your cover missing after a nasty storm.

Storage is also a concern when it comes to covers. At AutoAccessoriesGarage.com, you can buy car cover bags that let you properly stow away your cover while you're out cruising during the warmer months. These bags protect the cover from dust and moisture, so you can keep using it year after year. Shop for your cover accessories at AAG and we'll make sure you get the perfect gear for your cover. And best yet, we'll ship it free.

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