About Suspension

Lift your 4X4 for a rugged offroad stance, or drop your sport compact for race-winning handling. Whatever your needs, our Suspension kits & parts help you get it done right. Use our handy vehicle selector to find performance suspensions and shocks that are custom-built and finely tuned to your ride. For the smoothest ride, best handling, and toughest looks, go with suspension components from

Lift yourself to comfort or drop down for cruising style with a performance Suspension system. However you need to change your truck to get the most out of it for your specific purpose, we have the springs or shocks to get you there.

If you drive a Wrangler off road, pick it up with a Jeep Wrangler Suspension lift and tackle the toughest of obstacles. Performance Lincoln Navigator Suspension components give your SUV a height boost for a greater presence on the road. On the other hand, you may be looking to drop your Civic down for better on-road performance and killer looks, in which case we have the Honda Civic Suspension parts for that job, too. Or if you're just looking for better components without the height change, we carry all the coil springs, leaf springs, and performance shocks you'd need.

We also carry many options, such as Air Springs for those of you looking for top comfort and cargo-hauling versatility. Our air suspensions set your ride on a cushion of air for improved comfort, braking, and overall performance, especially while towing. With these systems you can even raise or lower your vehicle on the fly.

Here you'll find anti-roll/anti-sway kits, wheel spacers, and alignment kits to greatly improve your handling and performance. You'll also find a wide selection of polyurethane bushings and mounts for your engine and other components, for drastic all-around performance improvements. If you remain unsure, consult our suspension reviews page to see what other drivers have said about these products. No matter your suspension needs, has you covered.