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Air Compressors & Levelers

Manage your Air Suspension with our wide range of Air Compressors & Levelers. With our Compressors you can keep your air springs inflated when carrying heavy loads. Most can even serve multiple purposes, like inflating tires or powering air tools. We also have plenty of wiring, plumbing, and controllers to fully integrate your Air Suspension and control it right from the driver's seat.
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Firestone Air Tank
(2 Reviews)

If you use your air compressor often whether at work or at play, pick up a Firestone Air Tank. Firestone Air Tanks are available in many capacities, from a quarter of a gallon to 12 gallons. They feature a corrosion-resistant coating inside and out, ensuring a long, reliable life. More...

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Firestone Heavy Duty Air Compressor & Tank

Easily fill your tires, lift your air suspension, or operate air tools with the Firestone Heavy Duty Air Compressor & Tank. The Heavy Duty Compressor provides 145 psi of air power to handle most any task. Included is a 1/2, 1, or 3-gallon tank to store air you can use on demand. More...

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Air Lift Load Controller II

Say goodbye to the hassles of manually adjusting your air shocks. The Air Lift Load Controller II puts total control of you air suspension right at your fingertips. With the flip of a switch you can add air when your rig is loaded, let some out when weight is taken off, and even adjust while driving as road conditions vary. More...

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Air Lift QuickShot

Maintaining optimum air bag pressure is crucial for excellent suspension performance. The Air Lift QuickShot is designed for easy in-cab control of your air suspension, with the fastest fill rate available. The QuickShot fills your air bags four times faster than the Load Controller II, keeping your air bags at full pressure, full time. More...

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Firestone Air Compressor In Cab System

Control and monitor your air suspension right from the driver's seat with a Firestone Air Compressor In-Cab System. The In-Cab System integrates a Firestone's standard or heavy-duty compressor with their Leveling Control Panel, giving you quick and easy control of your air springs. The Leveling Control Panel features one or two gauges to monitor your air system's pressure (up to 150 psi). More...

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About Air Compressors & Levelers

The secret to maintaining the proper pressure in your Air Springs is a quality Air Compressor. Sometimes referred to as a leveler, compressors keep your air springs inflated while in use. It would be a disaster if, for instance, your Pathfinder's air springs died mid-haul. With an aftermarket Nissan Pathfinder Suspension Kit, that won't happen. The multi-purpose nature of many of these compressors is fantastic, as well: not only will a compressor help out any suspension, but you can also use one to give the proper air pressure to other things around your garage, like your tires or power tools.

AutoAccessoriesGarage.com makes it easy to put together the perfect suspension system for your ride. Let's say you want to improve your Nissan Altima Suspension. With our vehicle selector, you'll find the most trusted brands in the industry at affordable prices. Check out the pictures, read the descriptions, and pick up the compressor that's the best fit for your vehicle. Best of all, it will ship to you for free! You can't beat AAG's winning combination of service and price!

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