Firestone Air Compressor In Cab System

2971 Univ.
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Product Details

  • Quick monitoring and control of your air suspension system
  • Includes compressor, on-board gauge with switches, hoses, hardware, and wiring
  • Available with standard or heavy-duty compressor, single or dual gauge
  • Gallon or Half-Gallon air tank available
  • Control and monitor your air suspension right from the driver's seat with a Firestone Air Compressor In-Cab System. The In-Cab System integrates a Firestone's standard or heavy-duty compressor with their Leveling Control Panel, giving you quick and easy control of your air springs.

    The Leveling Control Panel features one or two gauges to monitor your air system's pressure (up to 150 psi). It also has one or two switches to control up to two pairs of air springs for proper leveling. The Firestone In-Cab System is available with a 1/2- or 1-gallon air tank for quick air response. Choose from a standard compressor for light to medium use, or a heavy duty compressor if you plan on lifting and lowering your suspension more than a few times a week.

    Your Firestone In-Cab System includes a compressor, Leveling Control Panel, wiring, air hoses, mounting hardware, and air tank (optional).