Your suspension system consists of a whole bunch of different parts and smaller systems working together. From shocks to springs and lift kits, you may have already upgraded your suspension top to bottom. But what about bump stops? What exactly are bump stops, and what do they do? We've got the answer here, so you can learn more about the important-yet-overlooked suspension part.

How Bump Stops Work

Prothane Axle SnubbersIf you hit the rocky trails really hard, or if your vehicle is slammed down to its limits with a lowering kit, your suspension runs the risk of bottoming out. Bottoming out is a problem for a number of reasons. For one thing, it's far from comfortable for you and your passengers, and could really give your back a hefty dose of pain. But also, bottoming out can damage your suspension components and your axles. You need a final line of defense to protect against this kind of damage, and that defense comes in the form of bump stops.

Bump stops are made in a few different designs, so they mount in different places. Some are placed in line with the piston rods of your shocks, adding an extra level of absorption when the shock reaches its limit. Others like Prothane Bump Stops (aka Axle Snubbers) mount between your frame and axle, absorbing impact before the axle gets a chance to slam into the frame. Your suspension may bottom out when it reaches these limits, but these bump stops and snubbers help soften the blow and protect your vehicle.

Choose The Suspension Bumpers For Your Vehicle

Air Lift AirCellAt we offer a few different bump stops to suit your needs. The aforementioned Prothane Suspension Axle Snubbers are excellent for axle protection, and they feature ultra-durable urethane construction and progressive compression for properly-tuned stopping force. For the extra response and support of an air suspension, check out Air Lift AirCells. Unlike solid urethane snubbers, these stops are made from a urethane that's infused with air that forms thousands of microscopic air cells. The response is quick and supportive, as if the stops are loaded with a huge number of tiny air springs. Bump stops are also included with some of our performance suspension systems, such as the Eibach Sport System and Eibach Pro Suspension.

From heavy duty off-roading to dropped-down racing, your suspension faces high bottoming-out threats - but with the right set of Bump Stops from AAG, you can protect your vehicle ffrom unnecessary damage. If you have any more questions about our Bump Stops and suspension components, feel free to chat with our customer service team online or at 800-663-1570.