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Air Lift Suspension Kits

From racing to heavy-duty hauling, suspension kits by Air Lift give your vehicle the handling and performance you need. These bags and air suspensions let you lift, level, adjust, and smooth out your ride no matter how you drive. Air Lift Suspensions are custom-designed to work with your exact vehicle, and provide everything from on-the-fly height adjustment to improved load capacity. Whatever you need, you can find it here.


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Air Lift Leveling Kit
(45 Reviews)
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Air Lift Load Controller II
  • From $401.59
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Air Lift SlamAir Springs
  • From $553.91
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Air Lift QuickShot
  • From $919.19
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Showing 4 products

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About Air Lift Suspension

Shop for your new suspension at AutoAccessoriesGarage.com and you'll notice a major difference right away. If you want the smooth ride of Air Lift Suspension Kits, all you have to do is tell us what kind of vehicle you drive. We'll show you everything custom-designed for your ride, with pictures and details, not to mention a Customer Service staff ready to answer any questions you may have. Throw in Free Shipping and there's no question about it: AAG is the best choice for you.

Air Lift Suspension Reviews

Richard S from EWA BEACH, HI wrote:

Excellent product and highly recommended for daily heavy hauling!

Steve P from Sacramento, ca wrote:

Work great. Used 2-1/2" hose clamps to compress, to push through the hole in the bottom suspension arm and twist. Takes a bit to install. Lots of muscle.

Todd A from Clayton, MI wrote:

When used with 5th wheel hitch the upper frame mounts do not fit flush to the frame as designed, Need to be re-enginered when using 5th wheel frame plates.

Steven S from Madisonville, TX wrote:

I could not be happier with this product. The install was simple and they perform well. I would recommend these.

CLee from Surrey, British Columbia, V3 S8 Y6, Canada, WA wrote:

I left the bottom air bag bolts (1/2") loose for adjustment but couldn't tighten them without removing U bolts again. I suggest visually align the bags in upper/lower frame first, mark the spot, then remove and tighten lower bolt. Then U bolt lower frame (and bag) to the spring. Otherwise lower bolt will fall out if not tighten..... like it did with me. Also the ubolts were REALLY long which was a pain to tighten with a wrench. Even with a long socket, i had to use a wrench to finish it off. But good product otherwise

Scott K from Hillsboro, OR said:

This a great product! Installation was quick and easy, I installed them within an hour. Taking off the rear wheels really speeds installation. I have been hauling wood and pulling trailers with the rear of my truck sagging, now that I installed the Air Lift Spring kit my truck sits level and rides great! I highly recommend these!





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