KW Suspension Coilovers

About Suspension

Count on a new suspension from KW to take your handling and performance to the next level. KW Shocks are specially engineered to enhance your feel, whether you're hitting the track or just looking to improve your daily driving experience. With KW Coilovers you'll enjoy a more comfortable ride, as well as extra support for more spirited driving. Choose your vehicle and pick up a set of custom shocks for your ride today.

Shop for your new suspension components at and enjoy an easy-going vibe. All you have to do is choose your year, make, and model with our vehicle selector and we'll lead you right to a set of custom KW Suspension Coilovers made just for your ride. It's easy to figure out if a given product is for you thanks to large, clear pictures and a detailed description accompanying everything. Our Customer Service team is never far away if you have questions, and when you go with AAG everything ships for FREE!