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Federal Signal


About Federal Signal

For more than a century, Federal signal has been the preeminent manufacturer of public safety products and systems nationwide. In an industry where many have stopped innovating, Federal Signal continues to experiment, and as a result continue to unveil new and exciting breakthroughs in audible and visual signaling. Combining cutting edge technology with industry experience, Fed Sig’s various patents and exclusive technology have made them the reigning champions of public safety.

Whether you need a warning beacon, audible alarms, or an authoritative rooftop LED light bar, they’ve got it all. The perfect solutions to so many problems had by volunteer fire fighters, snow plow operators, emergency responders, security guards, construction workers, and more have already been created, and continue to be perfect by the fine folks at Federal Signal.

With 115 years in the business, you can rest assured that Federal Signal has seen it all. With over two thousand employees, Fed Sig has made a big impact in Oak Brook, IL, but they continue to make an even bigger impact on the world at large. They believe that world deserves to be safe and clean, and they do anything in their power to help make it that way.