It turns out you can let some fresh air into your vehicle, even if it's raining cats and dogs outside. With a set of vent visors (aka window deflectors), you'll be able to crack the windows no matter the weather or how fast you're driving. The best part is, installing some vent visors is a quick and relatively easy process.

Finding The Best Vent Visors

EGR Chrome Window DeflectorsThere are plenty of window deflector manufacturers out there, and they're all quite good at what they do. So how do you choose the best window deflectors for your vehicle? First and foremost, check out the different finishes and visual styles and find one that appeals to you, whether you want the bling of EGR Chrome Vent Visors or the more subtle and aerodynamic look of AVS Seamless Window Deflectors. Second, check out the mounting styles and decide if you want in-channel or tape-on ventvisors (more on that in a bit). At we make it really easy to find custom ventvisors for your particular vehicle - just give us your year, make, and model with our vehicle selector widget and we'll only show you the deflectors that fit it perfectly.

Installing Your Window Deflectors

It only takes a few minutes to install your new vent visors. The way you install them depends on whether you've purchased in-channel or tape-on window deflectors.

In-Channel Deflector Installation

In-Channel Vent Visors generally don't require any adhesive or extra hardware to install. They insert up and into the window channel, and they're held in place by the friction in the channel. This video shows the process in detail, with WeatherTech Vent Visors:

Installing Tape-On Window Deflectors

EGR Window DeflectorsAs implied by their name, tape-on vent visors are simply taped to the exterior of your vehicle. Most models from brands like AVS Vent Visors and EGR Deflectors are equipped with automotive-grade 3M double sided tape, which will stand up to years of driving.

The key to installing tape-on window deflectors is thoroughly cleaning the surface of your window frames. Wax, dirt, and dust all compromise the adhesive qualities of the tape, so make sure every mounting surface is completely free of debris. Many deflector kits come with alcohol wipes for the window frames, but if not a paper towel and some rubbing alcohol will work just fine.