Toyota 4Runner Bug Deflectors, Wind Deflectors & Shields

About Toyota 4Runner Deflectors

Driving with the window down is great for fresh air. Unfortunately, it usually comes with a lot wind noise and gusts in your face. A Toyota 4Runner Deflector will keep you sane by minimizing wind noise as it divert the oncoming wind over your car instead of inside of it. A 4Runner wind deflector is a minimal investment with a big, big, pay off. You can get a great deal on a new deflector when you shop at 


Adding Toyota 4Runner bug deflector to your ride is probably the best way to add some functional style to the front of your ride. By directing smashed bugs and kicked-up rocks over your SUV, your paint and windshield stay in pristine condition. AAG has a variety of great-looking styles and finishes as well as vehicle-specific fitments. 

Check out Toyota 4Runner Hood Deflectors at and you're bound to have a superior customer experience. Application-specific 4Runner Deflectors are super easy to purchase thanks to our convenient vehicle selector. Furthermore, every set comes with free shipping. The massive change they bring to your ride won't come any easier than when you choose AAG.