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About Performance Chips

Find all the top-rated and best Ford performance chips, power programmers, and tuners here. Hook up a Ford performance chip and dial in a whole new level of power and performance. Our chips reprogram your engine's settings to unlock awesome power gains. Some of them even improve your fuel economy. Pick up a Ford performance chip at and get free shipping.

Firing up a Ford performance chip from is a huge move towards getting intense horsepower. Fine-tune your Ford's transmission and engine settings to provide more horsepower, torque, and efficiency. When you have mods like a performance header or air intake, a performance chip helps you tie them all together. Better yet, each Ford performance chip from comes with the lowest prices and excellent service.

Performance chips are usually a pain in the neck to search for - not so with Auto Accessories Garage. When you use our vehicle selector we'll only list the performance chips that fit your ride. Because Ford performance chips are shipped to you free, you're bound to save significant money. When you need the top Ford performance chip brands, does it the best.