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Chevy SS Accessories

Built like a muscle-car and treated like a luxury sedan, the Chevrolet SS is classy as all get-out. Chevy’s flagship sedan, this car can do zero to sixty in 4.6 seconds. With limited availability at times, you should be proud to own a Chevy SS - so show your pride by dressing it up and making it your own. At Auto Accessories Garage we have all the right accessories and performance parts to fit your exact SS like a glove.

The Chevrolet SS is a car like no other - except for the having four wheels, doors and windows, combustion engine stuff - outside of all that the Chevy SS is in a class of its own. Well, actually it’s an Australian made car, the Holden Commodore, that is imported into the United States under the Chevrolet brand. But those two cars are in a class just to the two of them. In any event, at Auto Accessories Garage we’ve got tons of accessories and add-ons for your Chevy SS.

Choose from floor mats and carpet liners, car covers, window deflectors and seat covers - all specifically designed with custom contours to fit your exact year of Chevrolet SS. Customizable to by color to match your vehicle’s interior, you can even add logos to our Chevy floor mats. Your passengers will say “Wow, I’ve never seen a car interior this tricked out before.” And you’ll just shake your head.

But don’t stop there, we’ve also got brakes, exhaust systems, running boards and side-steps - all custom fit to your personal Chevy SS. A question we get a lot is, “The mats and seat covers and such are custom fit to my car, but what about brakes and exhaust systems? Are they customizable to my exact Chevrolet SS?” Lucky for you, we already answered that. And the answer was yes.