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Toyota MR2 Accessories

The Toyota MR2 is one of the more trim older vehicles you can find, and it's guaranteed to take you on an undeniably fun ride whenever you sit in the driver's seat. This vehicle's handling is generally very impressive, leaving you breathless at every turn. Your MR2 is more than eager for your foot on the accelerator, which really backs up its sports car title. You're in luck, because Auto Accessories Garage carries only the best name-brand Toyota MR2 to meet your every desire. Your ability to travel at break-neck speeds only clarifies your need for quick-responding brakes, which is why our EBC brake pads are a must. Custom-built to fit your vehicle's exact make and model, these pads will greatly improve stopping distance, and their beveled edges will make for much quieter stops. We know you want to protect that nice upholstery, and the CalTrend seat covers we offer will get the job done. Made with soft, nylon-bonded neosupreme material that's both durable and comfortable, these covers provide wetsuit-like protection against accidental spills for your seats. They've got reinforced seams provide for a long life without splitting and tearing, and they're also UV treated for fade resistance! If you're on the fence about which Toyota MR2 accessories might be for you, we've got a super customer service team available 7 days a week to answer any questions you may have. Take your Toyota MR2 above and beyond right here with us at AAG.