Dodge Journey Accessories, Custom Parts, Mods & Upgrades


Dodge Journey Accessories

Dodge's 2008 entry into the crossover SUV game took a while, but it was worth the wait. The Dodge Journey features driveability and passenger protection delivered with the quality you would expect from Dodge.  Protect and update your Dodge with some custom Journey accessories chosen from the list below. We have accessories for pretty much everything and we trust you'll find something you like at a low, low price. That's the AAG promise. 

If your Dodge Journey is used as a family vehicle, then the first thing it needs is better brakes. That's not to say the Journey's stock brakes are lackluster. It's just that if family safety is your #1 priority, you want powerful stopping power at a moment's notice. That's exactly why our Power Stop kits are popular among Journey owners: they contain slotted rotters and performance brake pads. 

Journey floor mats are always a smart investment if you want to keep your interior pristine. Our floor mats will fit your vehicle better than your stock mats with added protection of better coverage.

The benefits of seat covers speak for themselves, too. Although what you might not know is that seat covers are one of the best ways to protect your Dodge Journey's resale value. They protect your factory upholstery and, depending on the fabric and color, can add personality to your interior. 

Who says running boards are just for trucks? We also sell Journey running boards that make it easier to get in and out of your vehicle. If your family has younger children, running boards make it easier for them to enter and exit your Journey. If you don't have kids, well, they look awesome too; really gives your exterior that finished look.