Fidanza Cam Gears

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Product Details

  • Made from the highest quality 6061 T6 aluminum
  • CNC machined to more exacting tolerances than original gears
  • Tooth edges are beveled to increase belt life
  • Twelve degrees (both advance and retard) of laser etched adjustments
  • Inner ring is designed for strength, function, and precision
  • Stainless steel studs are threaded through the backside of outer gear
  • Inner gear is fastened with stainless steel nuts and lockwashers
  • All chain drive gears have a 1050 steel outer sprocket
  • Prior to these little aluminum gears, cam timing changes meant hours of labor "keying" the fixed cam gear and guess work to change cam timing. Fast forward to the new age of technology.

    The need for adjustable cam gears are many, namely a reliable, precise and affordable method of fine-tuning the action of the valves to complement the installation of performance add-ons (headers, cams, intakes) or specialty milling work on built engines.

    Just as aftermarket engine management systems manage precise ignition timing, adjustable cam gears allow you to govern the action of the cam, which controls the timing action of the valves to shift peak power points or to tweak timing overlap within the engine cycle. "Overlap" is the point in the cam's cycle where the intake and exhaust valves are open simultaneously. Here's where critical tuning really optimizes performance because you are producing the most efficient charge of air/fuel in and out of the combustion chamber.

    Fidanza Adjustable Cam Gears are made from the very highest quality 6061 T6 aluminum. They are CNC machined to more exacting tolerances than even original gears.

    The outside ring is coal blasted before being hard anodized. The coal blasting gives the gear a textured surface for the belt to hold on to. The hard anodizing makes the outer ring incredibly durable.

    Fidanza Cam Gears Customer Reviews


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    5.0 of 5

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    Under 30 minutes
    who drives a Mitsubishi Diamante

    Was surprised they actually had this hard to find camshaft sprocket for 6G7 series. Everything was brand new and high quality.

    Install Time: Under 30 minutes