Napier Truck Tents


About Truck Tents

No matter how you slice it, it doesn’t get any better than sleeping under the stars. But pitching a tent can be difficult at times or even downright uncomfortable depending on your terrain. But now you can sleep comfortably wherever your truck can reach with a Napier Truck Tent. Rooftop tents from Napier are designed to help you get the most out of your truck and your camping experience. And Auto Accessories Garage is designed to help you find the perfect truck tent and get it shipped to your door at the lowest possible price.

When it comes to off-roading or overlanding, you never know when you’ll find the perfect spot to set up camp for the night. But when you have a rooftop truck tent from Napier, you won’t have to sweat it. With a Napier Truck Tent you can stop and camp wherever rubber meets the road… or rock, or mud, or sand. Just climb out of your pickup and into your Napier Truck Tent and you can sleep peacefully high out of reach of the worst of the critters. And when you order through AAG you always get Free Shipping, a 1-Year Price Match Guarantee, and Award-Winning Customer Service.