Actron Scanners & Diagnostic Tools

About Actron

As cars and trucks get more advanced and complicated with their on-board diagnostic systems, you have to make sure you're properly equipped to keep up with the technology. Without the right diagnostic tools, you won't know all of your engine's stats and information. Unlock your engine's vitals and improve your performance with Actron Code Scanners and Diagnostic Tools.

Actron OBDII Scanners and Code Readers are essential when tracking down problems in your engine. When the "Check Engine" light shows up on your dash, don't go scrambling under the hood to find the problem - simply hook up an Actron Scanner and pinpoint the source of trouble. These scanners understand the language your vehicle's on-board computer speaks and translates it into the information you need to make quick and effective repairs.

Actron takes your DIY automotive maintenance to the next level. They don't just offer OBD2 Scanners and code readers, either. You can also pick up an Actron IR Thermometer to measure temperatures in hard-to-reach and hazardous places like radiators and air-conditioning systems.

Stay in the know for maximum performance with Actron Diagnostic Tools & Scanners.