Advanced Clutch Technology

ACT Clutches

About ACT

Every manual transmission-equipped vehicle, from daily drivers to maxed-out race cars, deserves some extra performance. Get that performance with an ACT Clutch and watch your control and shifting feel take on a whole new identity.

ACT (short for Advanced Clutch Technology) loads their products up with all of the features you need in a performance clutch or flywheel. Top-quality materials, state-of-the-art features, and precision custom designs all guarantee awesome results. These results are laboratory  tested time and again, from clamp load and friction to pedal feel and working range

ACT Clutches and Flywheels are designed not just for great performance. Their street products are carefully engineered to give you the upgraded feel of a performance clutch without the chatter, noise, and excessive tightness of racing clutches. You get the best of both worlds: high performance without losing driving comfort.

When you buy an ACT Clutch, you're getting a great value, as well as an outstanding customer experience. ACT's vision is to lead the industry through technology, innovation, but most importantly top-notch service.