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DiabloSport tuners and engineers are at the very forefront of developing breakthrough technologies. Founded in 2000, DiabloSport designs and manufactures the industry's most unique line of performance products for the automotive industry. Later DiabloSport merged with Autologic, another star in the field of tuning since the early 1980s.

DiabloSport was the first in the U.S. to come out with the EECV chip, as well as the first to come out with a switch chip. DiabloSport has become a well-known leader in electronic hand-held programmers of Engine Control Units for Ford and GM. Everything DiabloSport makes made in-house, all the way to the smallest detail!

Diablo Sport's production follows ISO 9000 guidelines when assembling all components. Quality inspection is a job shared by both person and machine. Diablo Sport spot-checks via laser guided cameras to ensure proper conductivity. The integrity of every unit found in their products is checked by quality control inspectors. Bench testing isn't enough either, new tuners are tested in the field by authorized DiabloSport beta testers and changes for increased power or adjustability are instantly released in downloadable updates via their website.