Energy Suspension

Energy Suspension Performance Mounts & Bushings

About Energy Suspension

Energy Suspension crafts their polyurethane performance suspension components with one simple idea in mind: "it's as much an art as it is science." With this as their driving force, they've spent over two decades developing processes that make products that people fall in love with. When it comes to upgrading your handling, you won't do better than their proprietary Hyper-Flex material, which is both super durable and incredibly firm. 

This material is the product of constant innovation by their chemists. Not ones to sit on their laurels and let their brand go stale, Energy Suspension instead reinvests their efforts time and again into making what they manufacture better than it was before. You'll notice your car, truck, or SUV handling so much better, no matter if you're a daily driver or hardcore performance enthusiast. Rest assured: that was not an accident, but rather the idea all along.