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About SCT

For over 7 years, SCT has empowered performance enthusiasts across the nation to take their horsepower, torque, and overall response to the next level, and they have been aptly rewarded for it. Their strong background in software and OE automotive powertrain calibrations has given them the ability to put the most powerful tuning products on the market. They've earned the trust of a loyal customer base that they will deliver products that do and achieve more, and they've never failed in that deliverance.

Founded in 2003 by hardcore automotive fanatics, SCT focuses on providing increased performance capabilities while maintaining a functional reliability and drivability. Long before SCT was even created, they key players in the foundation of the company were already hard at work inside the industry they would go on to serve. Today, SCT's Advantage III custom tuning software is used in 26 different countries worldwide.

Because of their mission to strive for the very best, SCT has the largest network of custom tuning dealers in the world. Their world class customer support draw in and keep customers happy, and their high-performing products do the same. Finally, they truly believe in their product; they insist on only selling products they believe will build a better driving experience for their customers. To engage with a company that's the best of the best, browse our SCT tuners below!