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About Superchips

Superchips has often been referred to as one of the fathers of modern day racing tuning - and for good reason. Superchips was one of the first companies to specialize in re-tuning computer controlled engines so drivers could realize the full potential of their automobiles. What Superchips did back in 1983 was nothing short of revolutionary, and it opened the door for computer-controlled engines to maximize their performance to reach race-worthy levels.

Although the England-based company is nearly three decades old, it isn't showing signs of old age. Since Superchips started in 1983 they have continued to find ways to use new technology to coax the most power and performance out of your engine. Superchips Tuners aren't just designed for raw power - they're also expertly engineered to maximize your vehicle's overall efficiency for optimal power, torque, and economy.

Superchips tuners aren't just for novices either. These tuners have been embraced by NASCAR, NHRA, and other professional drivers across the world. However, Superchips' popularity isn't just because they were one of the first companies to utilize this technology. The Superchips staff puts immeasurable amounts of time and dedication into designing every aspect of their tuners and programmers, and each product has been track-tested under the most extreme conditions. See what all the racers are talking about and pick up a Superchips Performance Tuner at Auto Accessories Garage.