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Griot's Garage Polishing Pad

Glass Polishing Pad

Orange Polishing Pad

  • Make buffing your ride easier than ever with Griot's Polishing Pads
  • Specially-designed pads available for glass, metal, and paint
  • Pairs perfectly with Griot's Garage Random Orbital Buffer, polishes, and waxes
  • Provides a firm, even coat of cleaner/wax/polish across your vehicle's surfaces
  • Can be washed and reused over and over again, even with messy metal polish
  • Lifetime Guarantee against defects

With so many different kinds of surfaces on your vehicle, you need tools that are built to clean them safely and properly. One key element to any car lover's cleaning arsenal is Griot's Garage Polishing Pads. These pads are specially formulated to work with either glass, paint, or bare metal, so every square inch of your vehicle can reach its full potential.

Griot's Metal Polishing Pads boast the ideal density for use with their metal polishes. Metal polishing tends to produce a dark black film that can ruin pads and cloths, but these pads easily rinse out for re-use. The Orange Polishing Pad provides phenomenal results with its even coverage and safe application. Synthetic Glass Polishing Pads remove water marks and other tough blemishes with ease, and they won't scratch or cloud up your windows.

Arm yourself with Griot's Garage Polishing Pads and take your looks to a whole new level. Backed with a Lifetime Guarantee against defects.