Stampede Bed Rails & Bed Caps


About Bed Rails & Bed Caps

Stampede Bed Caps give your truck the protection it needs to last a long time! With these caps on your pickup you'll lessen the opportunity for random debris or loose cargo to permanently damage it. Stampede crafts every set of bed caps from durable materials, and they go the extra mile to ensure structural integrity. Even better, they look amazing, too!

There was something special that happened the first time you saw your truck, and that's why you bought it. Make sure that feeling lasts as close to forever as possible with Stampede Bed Caps. These helpful accessories sit high atop your bed's sides and make sure nothing accidental destroys your ride's slick presentation. You can't be too careful, not if you truly care about your truck. 

It's never easy to shop, but it can be at Just tell us your truck's year, make, and model, and we'll show you all of the Stampede Bed Caps available for it. If you have any questions in particular, our helpful Customer Service staff is available via live chat or phone call to answer them, and once you buy something it ships to you for free! If we were you, we wouldn't worry: AAG has got you covered.