Hawk Brake Pads & Rotors


About Brakes

The people behind Hawk Brake Pads & Rotors specialize in friction components, and their high-performance products reflect that concentrated effort. Hawk Brakes give your system the strength and material composition necessary to stand up to extreme circumstances. A full line of Brake Pads is available for street circumstances, as well, while Hawk Rotors are designed to be as quiet as they are durable.

Of all the different interconnected systems on your vehicle, your brakes get by far the most punishment. Friction, and its close relative known as heat, conspire to wear down, warp, and otherwise destroy your brakes. Of course, that's by design - how else do you expect to bring your vehicle to a complete stop from highway speeds in just seconds?

Whether you do normal daily driving, heavy-duty towing, racing, or steep mountain traversing, Hawk Performance Brakes has the gear you need. Check out everything from their street-geared ceramic pads to their heavy-duty truck brake pads, which are specially designed to take on the big-time weight of loaded trucks. Hawk Brake Rotors are slotted for excellent performance and dust rejection, and the brand even offers a complete brake kit that includes everything you need to step up your stopping power.

The perfect Hawk Brakes for your vehicle aren't hard to find when you use AutoAccessoriesGarage.com. In fact, the process couldn't be easier: just tell us what kind of vehicle you drive in our selector widget, and we'll present every Hawk product available for it. Whatever you need, you'll know that it was made just for your car, truck, or SUV. We offer a helpful Customer Service team as well, and anything you buy ships to you free of charge. No worries, friends: AAG is here to help.