Honda Civic Dash Covers

Like it or not, the sun is slowly but surely fading your dash. If you live in a place with lots of sun - Florida and Arizona, I'm looking at you - your interior is susceptible to UV damage. Our Honda Civic dash covers not only protect your dash but they cover it up if it's already damaged. If you have an older model Civic, there's no point in staring at an eyesore of a dash. Why not cover up the damage and add some style with one of our Civic dash covers?

About Dash Covers

We have a wide variety of brands, styles and colors of Honda Civic dash mats. With everything from camouflage patterns to materials like velour, an interior makeover for your Civic is but a few clicks away. We sell the best brands for dash covers - like DashMat and Coverking - that have been tested and approved by Civic owners like yourself.

The only thing better than AAG's low prices on Honda Civic dashboard covers is our free shipping. And when you get the two together? Well, let's just say that's a pretty solid tag team. Don't waste your time with low quality dash covers for your Civic. Get a custom-stitched dash cover on the cheap and enjoy a renewed sense of style for your interior.