WeatherTech Deflectors


About Deflectors

When you need to keep the wind out of your vehicle and the bugs off your hood, then its time to rely on WeatherTech Deflectors. Made of durable acrylic and ABS substances and easy to install wherever they are needed, these shields and vent visors keep your car looking great while you drive in comfort. Custom-designed for your particular vehicle, using a WeatherTech Deflector on your car or truck ensures that the wind, the sun, and random encounters with bugs won't ruin your driving experience.

One of the best ways to ride in style and in comfort is to hook up a set of deflectors. And if you're planning on going that route, do it with one of the best names in vehicle accessories - WeatherTech.

WeatherTech may have built their reputation on floor liners, but they've channeled their game-changing design and manufacturing methods into the deflector realm as well. The result: super-sleek, and perfect-fitting window, sunroof, and hood deflectors that look great and last for years. If you want a quiet and comfortable ride on the inside while looking modern and hip on the outside, you've come to the right place.

WeatherTech Deflectors are a breeze to shop for when you choose Tell us your vehicle, and we'll offer you the visors available for it, with full-color photos and detailed product descriptions. Any questions you have can be handled in our Learning Center or by calling our helpful Customer Service crew, and once you decide on a WeatherTech Vent Visor or Deflector it ships to you for free. Make it easy on yourself: choose AAG.