Honda Accord Bug Deflectors, Wind Deflectors & Shields


About Honda Accord Deflectors

Have you ever wanted to roll your windows down and get some fresh air? As you probably know, doing so at high speeds makes a lot of noise. Not with one of AAG's Honda Accord deflectors, though. Our Accord wind deflectors direct wind over your car instead of into your face. This adds comfort to your driving experience and dramatically reduces wind noise. Not to mention they add a subtle-yet-finished look to your exterior. is the best place to shop for Honda Accord bug deflectors. Our selection of Accord hood deflectors contains the best names in the business. We sell brands like Lund and AVS at low prices. There's no need to go without a quality bug deflector when you can get the best brands for dirt cheap at

Bug deflectors don't just protect your paint from bug guts, either. They are also great for protecting your hood from nicks and scratches from rocks and pebbles getting kicked up at high speeds. Not only that, but our deflectors are available in both black or chrome, so you can customize the front of your Accord however you want.