Race Ramps Portable Pit Stop Ramp

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Product Details

  • The Race Ramps Portable Pit Stop Ramp is the superior, portable way to lift your car 14" in the air
  • Perfect for racers at the track, show car displays, or DIY at-home car maintenance
  • Wheelbase is adjustable from 98"-110" to accommodate a wide variety of cars
  • Ultra-portable design - no single piece weighs over 40 lbs., and the entire set is designed to stack together for easy and compact storage
  • Ramp and center sections are removable for a clean look and full underside access
  • The Race Ramps Portable Pit Stop Ramp is made from a unique material that's strong (supports up to 6,000 lbs.), lightweight, and will never rust
  • Available in Standard and Racer's models - Racer's Model features a cut-out section to fit a 15" scale pad
  • 10" Approach angle
  • Made in the USA
  • Add Race Ramps Wheel Chocks for maximum safety
  • The Race Ramps Portable Pit Stop Ramp is the ultimate tool for racers and car enthusiasts who need to lift their vehicles. The kit includes everything you need to get your car 14" high for easy maintenance or display. Plus, unlike metal ramps and jacks, the Pit Stop Ramp is extremely light, portable, and easy to store.

    The Race Ramps Portable Pit Stop Ramp features a pair of car ramps with a 10-degree approach angle, four stands to sit under your tires, and a center bridge section for easy approaching. Every piece is removable, giving you full access to the underside of your vehicle. Whether you're racing at the track, detailing your tires, or performing an oil change in your driveway, the Race Ramps Pit Stop Ramp gives you a ton of clearance to do your work with ease.

    Portability is key with the Race Ramps Pit Stop Ramp. Unlike heavy and corrosion-prone steel ramps, Race Ramps car ramps are made with a unique material that will never rust, is super strong, and incredibly lightweight. Each piece weighs under 40 pounds, making it easy to assemble and remove. Plus, the pieces are designed to nest in each other for simple and compact storage. The fully assembled Portable Pit Stop is 18.5 feet long, but only requires 65" x 88" x 14" of storage space.

    The Race Ramps Portable Pit Stop Ramp is available in a Racer's Model, which features cutouts for 15" scale pads. It accommodates vehicles with a wheel base between 98"-110", and the ramps have a 10-degree approach angle that works with most sports cars. Race Ramps Portable Pit Stop Car Ramps are made with pride in the USA.

    For maximum safety, use Race Ramps Wheel Chocks when lifting your vehicle on any ramps or stands.

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