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AEM Analog Gauge

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  • An AEM Analog Gauge offers up-to-the-minute read-outs so you know exactly what is going on within your engine
  • 9 different analog gauges to choose from
  • Backlit systems match up with most factory analog gauge clusters
  • Interchangeable black/silver bezels and black/white faceplates
  • Differential analog output, 0V to 5V for data logging that works with virtually any outboard engine management system
  • Accurate, quick needles with smooth action
  • Readiness light and internal diagnostic warning
  • All gauge kits include proper sensors to read specific engine characteristics
  • 320 degree viewing area
  • 1-Year Warranty

Most cars get by with one "Check Engine" light blindly warning owners about necessary engine maintenance, regardless of what is wrong or what actually needs to be fixed. Install an AEM Analog Gauge, however, and more accurately monito those vital engine parameters.

9 different gauges are available to follow everything from oil pressure to coolant temperature to voltage. Every AEM Analog Gauge is designed in the same manner as factory gauge clusters for a near-perfect display match featuring backlit systems and interchangeable black/silver bezels and black/white faceplates. Each gauge comes with the proper sensors to read and diagnose specific engine characteristics and problems, and every gauge features an analog output that works with outboard engine management systems.

If you prefer the old-school vibe of an analog display, these are the gauges for you. Match everything up stylistically and keep tabs on your engine with an AEM Analog Gauge. 1-Year Warranty.