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Husky Mud Flaps & Guards

With more than two decades in the business, the folks at Husky Liners really know what they're doing in materials, manufacturing, and end product. That's why the mud flaps that Husky provides are among the best mud-stoppers you'll be able to find anywhere. Whether you like to go off-roading, or just routinely find yourself driving over gravel, dirt, or snow slush - a set of mud guards are the key to keeping your truck or SUV in great condition.


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Husky Liners Mud Guards
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Husky Liners MudDog Mud Flaps
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About Husky Liners Mud Flaps & Guards

You can't show up on the job with mud, dirt, and debris all over your truck. Not only does it reflect poorly on you, but this kind of mess (and especially in the case of snow slush and salt) will eventually tear away at your truck's paint and finish. Over time, this will cause permanent damage to your vehicle, and dramatically lower your resale value. But it doesn't have to happen - not with a durable set of mud flaps from Husky Liners.

Husky's mud guards are as tough and trusted as their interior liners and mats. These flaps can stop mud, gravel, dirt, snow, salt, and more from spraying the sides of your ride. They can also keep pebbles and other hazards from going airborne, shattering or cracking your windows - or the windshield of the guy behind you. And when you pick out the perfect Husky Mud Guards on Auto Accessories Garage, we'll offer the lowest prices guaranteed. We'll price match for up to a year after you place your order, and the shipping is always 100% free!

Husky Liners Mud Flaps & Guards Reviews

Gary M from Attica, NY says:

These are fine for the truck. The stock "small" mud flaps use four screws/bolts to secure them. These only required the three so I drilled holes in them to secure them with what ended up being five mounting points. Read more Husky Liners Mud Guard customer reviews.

Denis B from Garden Ridge, TX said:

It was not easy to install without removing wheels but possible. The quality could be increased by simply elongating the holes so they can be placed against the fender. Since the holes are not elongated there's a 1/4 inch gap, see pictures.

Mike H from Mesa, AZ wrote:

So far so okay. Once I find out how they do while in mud, rain or snow then I'll have a better idea how well they preform. The fit and finish could be better but I understand the differences between like vehicles. The outer edge is about a 1/4 inch away from the factory fender flares?

Dave Willson from Syracuse, NY said:

I really like these mud flaps. They were very easy to install. I didn't have to remove any tires to install them. The pre drilled holes lined up perfectly with the factory screws in my truck. The only tricky part was for the one hole I had to drill and install the screw. After drilling the hole I had to get behind the wheel well to place the "nut" to tread into. There is no way to secure the nut so you can put the wheel well back and install the mud flap. I put some super glue on the nut and threaded the screw threw the heel well and into the nut until the nut was tight. This held the nut against the back side of the wheel well until the glue set. Then I removed the screw and the nut stayed in place. I then easily re-positioned the wheel well and installed the mud flap.

James W from Milwaukee, WI says:

They look good on my Honda Ridgeline a lot better then the cheap ones you buy off the store shelf plus the hole pattern was already in them so I wouldn't have to try and put them in myself and they were also $30 cheaper in price then what the Honda dealer wanted for a pair of stock ones.

Steve L from Sperry, IA wrote:

Still haven't installed them as of yet due to the fact that with the star shape screw to remove and need to remove the rear tires in order to do so will take some time to complete. I found this out by attempting what I just stated, so with the time frame my guess would be less than an hour. By the time you jack up the truck take tires off, place mud flaps on, put tires on. The front would be easier because you could just turn the tires. I tried with a small star driver, their isn't enough room to leverage to get screw out.





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