Bully Dog Performance Chips, Power Programmers & Tuners


About Performance Chips

Let your vehicle become the big man on campus with a Tuner from Bully Dog! When you use Bully Dog Performance parts and accessories, you can ramp up your vehicle's horsepower and torque for massive across-the-board performance gains. A programmer can also improve your vehicle's gas mileage, saving you dollars at the pump. Don't be afraid to push around the little guys: Bully Dog Performance Chips, Power Programmers and Tuners gives your engine the strength to thrive.

Give your car or truck some bite to go with its bark. Bully Dog Tuners simply plug into your dashboard, but from there they do some pretty incredible computer magic that turns your ride into a snarling beast. They're also custom-designed to your engine, so it really is as simple as plugging it in, hitting a few buttons, and leaving your fellow drivers to eat your dust.

Shopping for the right Bully Dog Tuner for your vehicle is easy at AutoAccessoriesGarage.com. Use our vehicle selector widget to tell us your vehicle, and we'll show you everything Bully Dog makes for it. Check out the product descriptions and go over the pictures: if everything looks good, your new parts and accessories will ship to you for free upon purchase. When you go with AAG, we'll never make you sweat the small stuff. We're not here to waste your time, just to help you find the right parts for your vehicle.