Edge Insight CS2 Monitor

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Product Details

  • Get minute-by-minute updates of exactly what’s going on in your engine with the Edge Insight CS2 Monitor
  • 2.4" High-resolution monitor features customizable interface and 6-button panel
  • Reads and displays engine vitals byaccessing OBD-II data
  • Sleek and low profile design – saves space and looks great
  • Perfect for diesel or gas powered vehicles
  • Backed by a 1-Year Warranty
  • While some drivers put a ton of money into performance parts for their car, truck, or SUV, the savvy driver knows that the real key to performance rests within. Most of the time, getting the best performance out of your gas or diesel engine is as simple as knowing as much as possible about how it’s running as it is. Become the master of your machine with the true gear-whisperer, the Edge Insight CS2 Monitor.

    With your engine vitals prominently displayed on a high-res 2.4" color screen, your Edge Insight CS2 Monitor will keep a finger close to the pulse of your mechanical monster. By pulling data directly from your OBD-II port this device is the ideal stand-alone monitor, or will perfectly pair with your other tuning devices. A fully adjustable color mixer and a 6-button control panel make this screen easy to use, and easy on the eyes.

    A slender and low-profile design looks great and takes up very little of your precious interior space. A single HDMI-style plug provides power, links other accessories, and even allows you to download software updates so your device is never phased out. Backed by a 1-Year Warranty.